1. Sumit8's Avatar
    As a lot of you too, i was waiting to get my hands on a 920 for a long time now.
    I'm from Germany and the official launch was sometime around 4th of November so i checked Amazon and Carrier Shops every day since then. Nothing.
    10 days later on the 14th there was a suprise - a Nokia promotion event in my city. So went there and checked out the 920 and wanted to buy it there too. Sadly, they only had black and white and i wanted the yellow version. They said though, yellow will arrive tomorrow. It didnt. And it did not until now.
    Two days ago then i emailed to Nokia Deutschland. That i am a willing customer and why they would advertise the 920 everywhere and claim "availibility in 4 colors" and yet i can't find any red or yellow 920 and also black and white are sold out everywhere within hours.
    Two hours later after i sent them my e-mail, i got a call from Nokia Deutschland. The guy apologized and said i should check my e-mail. Long story short - my Lumia 920 in yellow is on the way. It was not for free of course but i was able to buy it. I was pretty impressed how fast the consumer care department reacted and that they actually send me to the store where i can get the 920 in yellow even though A LOT of people here in Germany are waiting for general availability of this color.

    Well, cheers to Nokia and yay for me :P
    11-22-2012 07:42 AM
  2. abhishek8605's Avatar
    How do you find out the contact details of the Nokia customer care center in your country? I am in Thailand and I have no way to find out because the Nokia site for Thailand is all in Thai and I don't read Thai. Nokia should know that people of all languages live all over the world and especially in Thailand. So far, every carrier is advertising this phone heavily but no one has it, neither does the Nokia stores. Really frustrated.
    11-22-2012 07:45 AM

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