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    Hello, guys

    I just wanted to let you guys know that rattling noise when using vibration mode is not normal.

    Since I was having 2 other problems (Rebooting, appearance of multiple whitespots at the back of the phone), I took the phone to the retailer hoping to exchange it with the new phone.
    Because they only do exchange within 7 days (I live in France...), I had to send the phone to Nokia to get it serviced. (I used the phone for 17 days, and now it will take 15 days to repair the phone.)
    Anyway, I was talking to one of the sales representatives about the phone and I told him about the strange noise vibration mode makes.
    He pulled out his lumia 920 and tried vibration mode.
    Guess what? Very smooth vibration without any noise. He even told me that the noise is not normal and I should get it serviced.

    So, I just wanted to share this information to end the debate on rattling noise of vibration mode.
    Hope you guys find this information helpful.
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