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    One of my favorite features of my phone has been playing my music collection via the Bluetooth connection in my car. This always worked flawlessly with WP 7 and 7.5 because the music was on the phone. I never tried using the Smart DJ feature with my Zune Pass in the car. With Win Phone 8 and Win 8 all my music is in the cloud and I was impressed when it all showed up on my Lumia 920 without having to do anything. But....the first time I tried to listen to the music in my car, there were constant long breaks in the playback, almost like the phone was buffering. This happened regardless of where I was or time of day. This behavior made the Xbox music service unusable as far as I was concerned. I was planning to load up most of my collection to the phone as an alternative when I stopped by a local AT&T store to see if there were any accessories available for the 920. While chatting with the agent, she looked up my account and noted that it indicated that my phone was a 900, not a 920 so she changed the notation. She asked if I was given a new SIM card when I bought the 920 and I said no, but that didn't concern me because the 900 was also an LTE phone and my SIM card was an LTE card. She swapped it out anyway. I never mentioned the problem I was having with music because I assumed that was an OS issue. Out of habit, I turned on the music in my card while heading home from the AT&T store. The service played flawlessly, no breaks at all. I've tried it repeatedly since and it plays perfectly, just like I'd expect it to work. Nothing else has changed between the things I've mentioned here. First, I have to praise the service I got from AT&T and second, does anyone with more technical knowledge then me have an answer to this? Could changing the SIM card have been the answer? Changing the notation on my account? Just curious and any information at all is appreciated.

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    11-22-2012 09:55 AM

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