02-07-2013 06:44 PM
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  1. nokiafan99's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Please list one WP8 app that use on your Lumia 920 the most.... this will help us what other people use the most in their day to day work/life. Thanks
    11-22-2012 07:18 PM
  2. nokiafan99's Avatar
    I will start with myself.... I am using Twitter, WPcentral and Weave reader the most
    11-22-2012 07:25 PM
  3. independentvolume's Avatar
    Instagram and google+
    Arlo Gilbert likes this.
    11-22-2012 07:28 PM
  4. ZombieBacchus's Avatar
    Zite, Mehdoh, Kik.
    11-22-2012 07:35 PM
  5. VineRider's Avatar
    Weave. Best newsreader out there.
    11-22-2012 07:56 PM
  6. socialcarpet's Avatar
    BaconIt and Rowi
    11-22-2012 07:57 PM
  7. Munkeyphyst's Avatar
    Wpcentral, cracked, weave. I also use Nokia maps and the camera often.
    11-22-2012 08:01 PM
  8. Dramer77's Avatar
    Instagram and google+
    since when are either of those apps available on WP8
    11-22-2012 08:04 PM
  9. FLLMTR's Avatar
    Nokia's two music apps. The commercial free music choices blow away everything offered by Android and iOS. I also like the live tiles for my closest contacts and live tiles for short-cuts to windows pages. This phone really impresses me every time I use it.
    11-22-2012 08:06 PM
  10. ncxcstud's Avatar
    Instagram and google+
    Someone didn't pay attention ;)

    I use Weave, ESPN (by Nokia), IMDB, and 4th and Mayor
    11-22-2012 08:06 PM
  11. franklasvegas's Avatar
    Slightly off topic. Went from WP7.5 to WP8. I was able to reload WPCentral App. Had to exchange L920. Can't even locate WPCentral App in Store to reload???
    Am I missing something?
    11-22-2012 08:49 PM
  12. TMavC5's Avatar
    • Nokia maps
    • email
    • WPCentral
    • Facebook
    • Me tile
    • Weather Bug
    11-22-2012 08:56 PM
  13. masterchief1984's Avatar
    *Me tile
    11-22-2012 09:07 PM
  14. zephyrwala's Avatar
    Xbox music
    Nokia drive +
    Nokia Music
    Email and People hub

    I love my lumia 920 !
    Waiting for Asphalt 7 to release now
    11-22-2012 09:23 PM
  15. tibere86's Avatar
    Nokia Music + Whatsapp
    11-22-2012 09:37 PM
  16. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    until all the bugs are worked out and tweaks are discovered. constantly trying to read up on updates.
    the other app is
    RSS Central
    11-22-2012 09:45 PM
  17. MaulerX's Avatar
    Weave, Weather Channel, Xbox Music, Nokia Drive, Gas Buddy, anything in Xbox Hub, Chase, Amazon, IE, Office, Messaging, Supertube. Yes, I use all thore quite frequently during the day.
    11-22-2012 09:49 PM
  18. anon(5370748)'s Avatar
    Camera (duh) ;)
    11-22-2012 11:10 PM
  19. Pedro Hicken's Avatar
    So the guy says list one app and we are listing quite afew? /facepalm.

    11-23-2012 03:16 AM
  20. ninjaap's Avatar
    Nokia Music and IE10
    11-23-2012 03:19 AM
  21. ALpHa.Q.RoUgH's Avatar
    Beem & WP Central.
    11-23-2012 05:08 AM
  22. octn's Avatar
    11-23-2012 05:10 AM
  23. deuxani's Avatar
    Whatsapp :) And luckily it still seems very stable and very very fast.
    11-23-2012 05:41 AM
  24. rajeshr68's Avatar
    So the guy says list one app and we are listing quite afew? /facepalm.


    In all fairness, the OP asked for one but listed three himself!
    11-23-2012 09:22 AM
  25. emark858's Avatar
    It actually is the WPCentral app
    11-24-2012 12:24 PM
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