02-08-2014 09:44 AM
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  1. earlmonkey's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. I get up earlier than my wife and my phone blasts every morning. I've even uploaded quiet soothing songs, but it's like the phone hates me and just increases the volume on these even more. Microsoft needs to fix this! Every Android phone I had in the past has no problem with this function, how is it that Microsoft can't address this?
    02-07-2014 10:25 AM
  2. ViregeApps's Avatar
    There's an app called "Gentle Alarm Clock" that wakes softly.
    It has two alarms: pre-alarm and main alarm. Pre-alarm goes off a little before the main alarm and you can set pre-alarms volume as low as you want. If you miss the pre-alarm, there's main alarm that eventually wake you up with louder sound. This app will make your mornings easier and doesn't disturb your partner.

    You can download Gentle Alarm Clock here:
    Gentle Alarm Clock | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    02-08-2014 09:44 AM
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