1. ourabmen's Avatar
    Hello and thanks in advance for the input. I am on the horns of a dilemma: My company is pulling our blackberry's (thank god) and moving to a stipend for our mobile assets. I have been a long time iPhone user, but the iphone leaves me nonplussed for what they are asking for it. I do like the form factor the larger screens provided by the HTC and Nokia's latest WP* offerings.

    A little about what I am looking for in a second device:
    1. I need good integration with MS exchange, that is what we use enterprise wide.
    2. I dont need cloud based storage for word doc's, excel files, power point, etc. The mothership prohibits the loading of company info into any clud based system.
    3. Looking for a larger screen than the iPhone 5: reading emails, opening and surveying word docs and excel files on the iPhone is a pain in the can.
    4. Apps: I am an old cuss, don't spend a lot of time surfing the web for enjoyment, light use for work on the fly, when I really need it. Could care less about about twitter, instagram, face book updates etc. I need good outlook integration, excellent maps and voice turn by turn nav, airline, hotel, rental car apps for work related travel, urban spoon, open table for setting reservations for clients. Photo's can be managed by old tech plugged in sync. Lastly, good battery life (anything improvement on my iPhone 4s would be welcomed, it stinks).

    Thanks again for any advice and input that you may have.
    All the best,
    11-26-2012 11:37 PM
  2. erzhik's Avatar
    Honestly, both would work fine for what you need. So it depends on your preference. I suggest 920 mainly because I have one and 920 offers full offline turn by turn nav, not sure about 8X. My suggestion, go to AT&T or Microsoft Store and try both and see which you prefer more.
    On a side note, with Nokia you know that Nokia supports their devices more than HTC or Samsung.
    11-26-2012 11:42 PM
  3. robertre's Avatar
    The Lumia comes with Drive, with turn by turn directions that other Windows phones do not. The HTC is thinner and lighter, but the Lumia has a bigger and nicer screen, as well as wireless charging, better camera, more memory, and high sensative touch screen, all at a lower price. It is a little thicker and heavier, but that has not been an issue for most users, including myself. I came from a smaller Samsung Focus, and , it has not been an issue at all. I like that it feel solid and well made. I agree on support. Having suffered almost 2 years of my daughter complaining about the HTC Freestyle that has major messaging issues that HTC apparently has no interest in fixing, even though every user has the same issues, I will choose Nokia any time knowing I will get better support. After 2 weeks, it is the best phone I have ever had. When I look at Iphones next to mine, they look like little toys with tiny screens. I have had no issues finding the apps I need, though I cannot speak to the specific needs you have, as I do not need those features. Hopefully somebody else can answer them.
    11-27-2012 12:42 AM
  4. lordofthereef's Avatar
    Sounds like you went over the pros and cons of each device. So now decide what matters most to you. For me, the 920 was the better phone.
    11-27-2012 12:45 AM
  5. devize's Avatar
    Lumia 920. Bigger, better screen and has turn by turn navigation. Other than that, they're pretty similar in regards to your needs.
    11-27-2012 01:47 AM
  6. anon(361265)'s Avatar
    Before you buy a Windows Phone, I would definitely recommend asking around with friends that might have a Windows Phone and see if it can connect to your work's wifi network. At the moment, WP can't connect to Enterprise networks with EAP-TLS authentication. This was a big surprise to me after I got my Lumia and it couldn't connect to my university :(
    11-27-2012 08:43 AM

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