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    I'm using a Rogers 920 on T-Mobile. I live in an area where refarming is actively happening but not yet complete and I got curious to know whether my 920 is using T-Mobile's AWS or the refarmed PCS (1900MHz).

    Here's how to find out.

    First, make sure your phone is actually on 3G (might be labeled '4G' or 'H' or whatever depending on the customizations made for your particular variant). You do this just by looking in the system tray at the top of the screen (swipe down from the top of the screen to expose the tray if it's not visible).

    Enter the field test app by dialing ##3282# in the phone dialer. Then select WCDMA. You will see a bunch of info -- if it's not populated then wait a few seconds for it to populate. The third line will say UARFCN and it's this value that tells us the frequency being used.

    Match the UARFCN value with a cell in the 7th column ("Channel Number (UARFCN) DL") in the UMTS-FDD table in this Wikipedia article.

    In my case I frequently see 2062 or 2087, which are AWS channels. I have occasionally seen 537, which is a PCS (1900MHz) channel.

    I've done a bit of speed testing and it feels like the phone gets better speeds on AWS than on PCS. I might be imagining this though.
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    11-27-2012 02:37 PM

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