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    I am having difficulties pairing my Lumia 920 with my Apline head unit. My Lumia 900 worked flawless. My Lumia 920 pairs correctly on the FIRST pairing. Any subsequent pairing, the connection fails. Another words, the only time I can pair the Lumia 920 is by DELETING Alpine from the list of bluetooth devices from the phone; therefore having the phone pick up the Alpine unit as a new pairing. So every time, the 4 digit (zeros) must be entered.

    How can I fix this??? By the way, when syncing, the phone does notify me that my address book can be downloaded onto the head unit. Whereas with my Lumia 900, that option was not available. It is getting to be really annoying to having to delete Alpine from my list of bluetooth devices and reinstall it every time I start my car. :(

    11-27-2012 05:11 PM

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