1. GregL2012's Avatar
    So, I picked up 2 Nokia 920's on Nov14th.

    1) Mine seemed to have a very weak antenna and very poor battery life. Probably do to the antenna not providing a strong signal.
    - The rogers store I purchaced them from was very helpful and eager to help although it took over an hour to do the exchange for the new. My
    replacement has been rock solid for a week now and I'm very happy with it!

    2) My wife's 920 has locked up 4 times since we got them.
    -Once when the battery completely died and the phone turned off. It seemed to be not taking a charge and took a hard button reset to get to turn on after 2 hours of charging
    - 2nd time it locked up overnight and took a full reset to get up again
    3- time was while she was playing a game.

    I took it to the store and explained the issue but since they couldn't reproduce it they won't do a return. So now what? I'm stuck with probably a defective device because it's an intermediate problem? No offence rogers but this is CRAP!

    What would you do?
    11-28-2012 07:33 AM
  2. timriley's Avatar
    Greg: Sounds like your wife's definitely is defective. I bought 3 from Rogers stores - the first one I bought (on Nov15 I might add) had the lockups - almost every 16hrs or so. Nokia Twitter Support worked with me to try it with different apps on/off and we eventually realized it was definiteyl defective. I returned that one. The other two have been flawless.

    You are still within your 15day return window to return the phone. Has your wife already exceeded the 30mins airtime talktime though? If not, you are within your rights to get a full refund, regardless or defect or not. It's 15day or 30mins billed airtime use - whichever comes first.

    If you have exceeded this return window, call up Nokia Support - they have been really good with dealing with Canadians who have bought the Lumia920 during these early batches. After trouble shooting with them, several have had NOkia Support offer to send them replacement lumia920s.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes! Rogers is crap like that. It's for that reason we carefully made sure not to use more than 30mins of billed airtime within our first 15days so that we can do a full return without Rogers store being able to block it.
    11-28-2012 10:29 AM
  3. Dos101's Avatar
    As timriley said, contact Nokia support, they're very willing to help out customers with phone issues. I pretty much got laughed at when by the manager at a Rogers Plus store when I asked if I could exchange my 920 for a new one since the battery was not behaving correctly and I was getting random lockups. One email to Stephen Elop later (and some back and forth with Nokia support) and Nokia is shipping me a replacement phone.

    Don't waste your time with Rogers, they'll only infuriate you.
    11-28-2012 10:39 AM
  4. C s G's Avatar
    Regarding the 30-minute talktime limit, it does not apply to DOA issues. Although I can see some stores arguing the issues as not being DOA.
    11-28-2012 11:39 AM
  5. GregL2012's Avatar
    Good news... I called customer service yesterday..

    Customer service agent couldn't understand that I wanted to actually "RETURN THE PHONE" and not change my plan DOH!!..
    Then he couldn't even properly add my wife's minutes up .. I had to log on to my laptop and do it for him, 28 minutes at the time of the call ;)

    Finally told him I don't need some kid in the store that doesn't understand these devices tell me it's not defective because he can not reproduce
    the issue.

    Finally, this less than helpful CS..passed me on to tech support...

    TS Guys was AWESOME!!..told him the issue with the phone and that the store told me they wouldn't return it because if rogers couldn't reproduce it. The store would get charged $500 for the phone, I said how is that my problem!.. TS guy said he's never heard of that and put me on hold..
    Came back with a case # and told me if the store refused to do an exchange to call back from the store and they would force them to...

    So both phones bought on the 14th have been returned for 2 more.. these better hold up LOL!

    Tech Support guy was super and I made sure I spoke to his manager and told him this is the type of service should strive for. I said this guy
    did a great job!
    11-29-2012 12:23 PM

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