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    I am nearing my deadline to bring back the 920 to the store and I am anxiously waiting to see if i can get it unlocked. Until that happens, I did a lot of research and the internet sharing feature seems to break when going to another carrier than Rogers. It seems pretty obvious that this is something baked in the Rogers Rom but no one can "prove it".

    Then I found this thread on Nokia's forum Nokia Support Discussions - Lumia 900 MMS Settings (Where is Network Pofile Ap... - Nokia Support Discussions

    It concerns the Lumia 900 but the similarities are too great to ignore, to sum up what I understood from that discussion:

    - The normal behavior of the phone is to read the network config (APNs) from the sim card and it sets itself up accordingly. That is the feature rogers allegedly disabled.
    - Back then, Nokia released an app called "Network Setup" that would read the config from the sim card and configure the phone correctly. (i.e. it fixes what Rogers broke)

    This is obviously a sensitive subject with Nokia. The app in question has been on and off the marketplace (Surprisingly in Canada) .
    I have been talking with a Nokia rep via Email for a few days trying to get to the bottom of this so I can make an informed decision as to whether I unlock and buy the phone or return it. The rep has been evasive to say the least. The last communication I had with him, he suggested that the internet sharing feature is an added "bonus" delivered by the carrier (read: they can take it away if they want to). I wholeheartedly disagree! This is a feature of the phone..period!

    I sent him the thread, I guess we'll see where it goes.
    11-29-2012 11:00 PM
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    I was talking to a rogers rep while looking at my account and we started having a disagreement about sharable data/tethering and he maintained not everyone gets to share/tether. Anyways, I didn't want him screwing up my account so I ended it there.... Even a couple weeks ago when I first got the phone and was trying to get Internet sharing to work, a Rogers Rep double checked that my account was 'sharable' .... those tidbits were just triggered by your last comment about they can take it away if they want to.... They seem to think they can/already do.
    11-29-2012 11:52 PM

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