1. sportex's Avatar
    Hi, is there an app that can make some videos playable on the 8x?
    11-30-2012 10:12 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    What format are the videos you're trying to watch?
    12-02-2012 08:34 AM
  3. sportex's Avatar
    Little bits of everything. Some you tube vids wont play
    12-15-2012 05:16 AM
  4. wholeeohh216's Avatar
    Do you mean youporn* ;)
    12-15-2012 10:35 AM
  5. Joshua Jackson's Avatar
    Do you mean youporn* ;)
    While that may be true...
    I download various videos from youtube (music videos, funny bits, etc...), but none of them have been porn.
    01-05-2013 01:46 AM
  6. kevynpm's Avatar
    Try using the Windows Phone app SuperTube to download YouTube videos and store them on your phone. I find it works quite well, and the videos look great. I have dragged some .divx videos to it using Windows Explorer. Also looks amazing.
    01-05-2013 03:01 AM
  7. SelfishMom's Avatar
    I use MetroTube and so far it's been working great.
    kevynpm likes this.
    01-13-2013 01:01 AM

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