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    So I read the recent article on the homepage about the Verizon 8x coming unlocked.

    That was really interesting to me as a Tmo customer, being as TMO only has 1 color option, California Blue.

    I'm not sure if I prefer the Blue or Black, but I think the black would lend better to accent colors on the phone, and I would get wireless charging: a gimmick, but it's always a fun thing to have I'm sure.

    I'm aware that I wouldn't get LTE on the Verizon model, but I was wondering if anyone knew if this really does work, and if I would be able to get 3g, because the phone runs on the 1900 band. I live near Pittsburgh, but I'm not close enough to get the 4g that is there. So does anyone know if Pitt is covered by TMO's 1900 band? Also is it worth it to even bother with that, because if I travel I'll be stuck on Edge.

    Also, the Verizon Version will cost me 20$ more... hmmmm...

    Thanks for the help,
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