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    Hello everyone!

    I am glad to say that I just purchased my Lumia 920 on Friday here in Helsinki at the Nokia Flagship store. This is my first Windows Phone device after being a Symbian fanboy for the last 8 years or so. I am very impressed by the hardware and the software experience so far. Much friendlier than I thought! I know there is lots to discover and I am eager to see how this OS evolves over the next few months.

    I believe there is tremendous potential here, especially considering how iOS and Android have had a long time to mature now. Windows Phone offers a fresh, exciting perspective. I hope that they listen to the users and include some of the more pressing feature suggestions in the next update, such as a notifications center.

    Anyways, I have seen the other thread about posting your start screen in the 8X forum, but nothing for Lumia users. So I am curious, what does your 920 start screen look like?

    I am a big fan of customizability, so let's see em! Here is mine so far. Basic, for now, but will definitely be expanding!


    EDIT: Just noticed that there is a massive thread about this in the Windows Phone 8 forum already....ooops! My apologies guys :-)
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