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  1. akiman911's Avatar
    The source seems to be stemming from the heat issue, causing the body to expand I believe... Mine only clicks when its hot.

    How many of your phones "click" when pressed near the top
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    12-02-2012 02:46 AM
  2. alfonz's Avatar
    No I don't think that is the causing issue. I think the original rush units to meet release date hand slight defects in them (well some). My original L920 had that clicking hot or cold. My replacement L920 does not.
    12-02-2012 05:33 AM
  3. thekonger's Avatar
    I have to admit mine 'creaks'. But it's because I dropped it on the top-right corner and dented it. Check my posts to see the pic. Overall, the polycarbonate shell is a tank. If yours creaks or allows any give it is probably due to it being dropped or heat temporarily warping the case as akiman suggests.
    12-02-2012 07:07 AM
  4. weetigo's Avatar
    Mine is a week 43 release with a creak on the top, but I don't notice it since I rarely ever press down on the top of the device in a normal day. In a way its like that comedy sketch, "Doctor it hurts when I do this" Doctors response: "well don't do that".
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    12-02-2012 09:04 AM
  5. lancguy's Avatar
    I think the source is there is little support at the micro rca jack on the top of the phone. That is the only place mine does it when I investigated. It's not an issue, it's not like always put a lot of pressure on the top plate constantly. I don't really see this as a real problem. It's no big deal really.
    12-02-2012 09:20 AM
  6. 05Paris's Avatar
    I think Lancguy hit it on the head. That is the only place mine "clicks". I wouldn't have noticed but since I show these posts I pinched it and the click is there. I, too, feel this is a non-issue for me.
    12-02-2012 10:30 AM

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