1. SteveISU's Avatar
    Is the only way to access the EQ when listening to music is to back out and go into settings? There isn't direct access to it in the music player? Did someone have their head up their arse when they thought of that one at MS or in Finland? Or is it just me?
    12-03-2012 10:42 AM
  2. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    I've been wondering the same thing. They don't allow you to pin it, either, which is additionally annoying. I figured they'd have the mini-player (the one you see when you unlock the phone or change the volume) offer either a link to the equalizer or switch modes (from Bass boost to Bass cut and so on). I basically just resorted to opening up the equalizer and letting it sit in the background, so if a song comes on that makes me want to change it, I just hold back and change it. It's certainly not the BEST option, but it beats going into the settings every time.
    SteveISU likes this.
    12-03-2012 11:34 AM
  3. SteveISU's Avatar
    Ok so it's not just me then. I would have thought it would have been accessible under the menu dots in the music player. Fire the ***** who overlooked that one.
    12-03-2012 11:48 AM

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