1. ajorourke's Avatar
    I had a HTC 8X and returned it due to restart issues.

    When I exchanged it for a nokia lumia 920 (Red and amazing), I chose to restore a back up of the HTC 8X.

    Everything worked perfectly, with the exception of app restores. Since I restored I have the below showing in my app screen

    I have looked into it and found that it's a HTC exclusive app.

    There doesn't seem to be a way of stopping the download or deleting this.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

    12-05-2012 04:50 PM
  2. Sam Sabri's Avatar
    You've already tried to long press and cancel the download? That would annoy me so much to see that just sitting there in the app list. Hopefully we can all figure it out.
    12-05-2012 05:51 PM
  3. ajorourke's Avatar
    First thing I tried I get a greyed out 'pin to start' and 'rate and review' and a black and touchable 'share'.

    I used share to find out it was a HTC app, this one to be precise - HTC | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)

    Is there a support page for this sort of thing?
    12-06-2012 06:06 AM
  4. Engr_Princess's Avatar
    Press and hold each pending download app and an option to cancel should pop up :-) I got those too and I drove me crazy
    12-06-2012 06:11 AM
  5. ajorourke's Avatar
    Press and hold each pending download app and an option to cancel should pop up :-) I got those too and I drove me crazy

    Oh my god, it was so simple!

    I had to click and hold from within the download bit rather than the main screen.

    All sorted! Thanks
    12-06-2012 06:20 AM
  6. Gagman's Avatar
    ajorourke, how did you get "Saving to Screenshots" on the screenshot?
    12-06-2012 06:34 AM

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