02-15-2017 03:10 PM
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  1. checkmate81x's Avatar
    I plugged my lumia 920 into my headphones and speakers and found the sound was only coming from one side. Tested both with my ipod mini and found sound coming from both sides working fine. Anyone else having problems with their headphone jack playing only on one side?

    PS also had the same problem with battery overheating after using wireless charger and battery drain accelerated... went to bed (phone was at 100%) woke up and phone wouldn't turn on...had to do a soft reset to get it back on.. have just been using battery saver and that seems to work alright.

    Don't know if I just have a bad apple or if anyone else is experiencing the same thing...

    12-07-2012 12:33 AM
  2. ironsoulreaver's Avatar
    Alot of people have been experiencing the overheating/drain issue. Supposedly it's just a soon to be coming software update. Make sure you close all your apps occasionally (spam the back button).

    As for the headphones thing. Try other headphones/speakers/jacks to verify it is the phone. It may just not like the headphones you are using.
    12-07-2012 01:26 AM
  3. MaulerX's Avatar
    The headphone problem can be fixed by restarting the phone. It happened to my wife's red 920 and a reboot took care of it.
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    12-07-2012 01:34 AM
  4. Alex Rodriguez's Avatar
    Be sure to plug all the way in. If not the headphones problem may be the headphones itself, i was using skullcandy headphones and was experiencing some issues like Tell-me launching itself. Sound coming from one ear etc. I just decided to finish the problem and bought headphones specifically for the phone and that i know i won't have any issues. My problems are solved, nice headphones for half of the original price and they match my phone since they are Nokia
    Nokia-Monster Purity Headphones Black accessories from AT&T
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    12-07-2012 01:38 AM
  5. abhishek8605's Avatar
    The headphone problem can be fixed by restarting the phone. It happened to my wife's red 920 and a reboot took care of it.
    This is the solution. I had the same problem, they restarted it and it was fine. Sounds like some sort of a software bug.
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    12-07-2012 01:54 AM
  6. checkmate81x's Avatar
    Yup had to restart. Thanks
    12-07-2012 02:41 AM
  7. Frankie Malekian's Avatar
    Ha, I was freaking out thinking I broke my headphone jack. A simple restart never even crossed my mind. Thanks!
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    12-13-2012 12:43 PM
  8. Mukund Vijay's Avatar
    Thank you, MaulerX. Connected my new Bose AE2 headphones with the 920 and was shocked that only one side worked. Phone restart worked...hope the problem doesn't come back.
    12-18-2012 02:50 AM
  9. blakej777's Avatar
    This happened on my 900, could never fix it. Restarts and all.
    12-18-2012 07:27 AM
  10. K Rad's Avatar
    Oh my.. I definitely freaked out when only one earphone worked and the problem persisted with other headphones; I'd be screwed if I wanted a replacement - since I got the device from outside. Reboot worked for me.
    12-26-2012 08:12 AM
  11. brunetpi's Avatar
    You guys are life savers, Just got my 920 on Friday 3/8/2013 and my skull candies stopped working. Re-boot fixed it.

    Spoke too soon, right back to the phone doing all kinds of funny things.... The flash blinks while the headset is, doesn't seem to matter what headset either, voice activation engages, and static galore.
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    03-11-2013 04:21 PM
  12. Michael Brace's Avatar
    reboot did nothing to fix this problem on my phone
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    03-14-2013 12:32 PM
  13. Jefferson Pena's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me with my bluethoot S9, after restarting the phone everything is working properly.
    03-15-2013 08:09 AM
  14. FeedTheShark's Avatar
    Sometimes my phone doesn't detect my headphones and plays the sound through the speakers instead. Have to reboot to fix it. I hope the latest update has fixed this.
    03-15-2013 12:17 PM
  15. slysy's Avatar
    Sometimes my phone doesn't detect my headphones and plays the sound through the speakers instead. Have to reboot to fix it. I hope the latest update has fixed this.

    I get that too occasionally - unplugging/re-plugging fixes it
    03-21-2013 05:34 AM
  16. jaqueh's Avatar
    This phone is such a piece of .... at first my headphone problem could be resolved by restarting/plugging in and out, but now it's become completely dysfunctional.........
    06-03-2013 07:31 PM
  17. Gitit's Avatar
    Found out an issue with my skull candy earphones: The phone audio either gets really low or it starts launching Tell-Me randomly.

    What i realized was that the phone was unlocked i have the issue reoccur. However if my PIN lock is activated, the ear phones work great..

    I hate the bugs but i tried going back to an iPhone and it was painful
    06-13-2013 11:57 AM
  18. zshi1's Avatar
    Thanks so much! I was freaking out. thought my lumia acting up.. tried with speakers still the same..reboot works! thanks again!
    06-29-2013 10:51 AM
  19. jh20001's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. Been like that for months and its been bothering me. Tried the reboot trick, jack is clean. I have to rely on a device for audio playback so you can guess I've been lugging around more than just my phone because of it. Can't use it in the car....home.....anywhere unless its a Bluetooth speaker. Its horrible because I miss using it to watch Netflix on my down time. Was it one of the updates that occurs over time earlier in the year?
    07-01-2013 02:02 PM
  20. nijam's Avatar

    Thanks for the solution,after restarting my Lumia 820,both the ear phones are working.

    07-26-2013 02:26 AM
  21. nijam's Avatar
    Restart the phone,its worked for me
    07-26-2013 02:27 AM
  22. GShenanigan's Avatar
    Yep, restart seems to have done the trick. I was a total ***** though and bought new headphones as I thought they'd broken.
    07-31-2013 06:30 AM
  23. DeanoV6's Avatar
    I have had this problem a couple of times on my Lumia 820 and a reboot has sorted it out. It seems to happen when certain notifications come through on your phone whilst either listening to music or having it on pause.
    08-01-2013 06:31 AM
  24. Peety117's Avatar
    Just happened on my 925, restart did not fix it, i have a feeling something is broken..
    08-31-2013 10:11 PM
  25. kevincashman's Avatar
    I had this same problem. (on Lumia 920, WP8) I was worried since I use my phone to listen to a lot of audio, but the restart fixed it. Thank you!
    09-30-2013 09:20 AM
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