1. timc166293's Avatar
    Great phone! What do you folks want?

    Ref Lumia 920

    1. HDMI / WDMI
    2. Notification LED as on past WM phones (and like RIM and Android)
    3. Kick stand
    4. Battery life is way too short, and takes too long to charger from computer USB port
    5. Some Iphone head phones do not work
    6. Phone top speaker rattling on high volume

    Software – Major:

    1. Need advanced email tab at email setup the first time
    2. Need name and number matching from phone keyboard – old WM feature
      1. Would like thick font numbers as they are typed on the screen

    3. Would like android notification type top bar
      1. With repeating reminders

    4. Security password should hide appointments, etc.
    5. Need IE favorite syncing like iPhone with folders
    6. Every phone number in “people” should allow texting like the Android
      1. Text button should be next to the right of the phone number not below

    7. When going to an email account (That does not sync automatically) it should sync when launched – not a manual button push as is today.
    8. Quick way to get to airplane mode:
      1. Use power button like android to get various options

    9. Would like a way to super impose owner info on lock screen (name and number at a minimum) just like old WM phones!
    10. I don’t like seeing the counter move on things like email. It should just have the number and not count up
    11. Portrait video in Zune app and others; like iPhone
    12. Sometimes hitting the searching screen right after hitting people takes me to web search and not people search
    13. Hitting the back button on the browser takes me to home screen and not the “last” web page.
    14. Need better media / phone /ringer volume control
    15. IE
      1. Drop down menus not working on some sites
      2. Many comment sections not working on sites i.e. www.BGR.com

    16. Way to save image of device like iPhone onto PC for backup
    17. Phone favorites list like iPhone in addition to tiles
    18. Some MMS attachments not working from iPhone and others
    19. Multiple texts from same person out of order
    20. App store needs to show all apps purchased / not on phone; like apple and android

    Software – Minor:

    1. Thumbs nail icons on favorites list.
    2. Messaging icon is driving me crazy. It looks like a sideways face
    3. Would like to see url disappear when scrolling stops on IE
    4. Folders on second home screen???
    5. It would be nice to set custom colors for the home screen short cuts
    6. Too many app stores
    7. Sometimes back ground graphics with text confuse the main function of an application. Examples included market place application and zune.
    8. Would like from volume control to have a function for silent to go along with vibrate and ring
    9. Add letters to phone lock screen so you can do “four digit” words (like Android)
    10. I like flicking emails to the right to see a delete function as is done on iPhone
    11. Like on Android phones the phone vibrates when connected to a call
    12. When looking for the next person in people search and hitting the top search bar all the text should be highlighted so one push of the back space button deletes the search string so you can easily start a new search
    12-08-2012 09:37 AM
  2. Joe920's Avatar
    Nice list. I personally really like the 'flipping counters' for email etc. I'd like to see:
    - option to reassign or disable Bing search button
    - capacitive button backlight timeout after a few seconds of not touching the screen
    - ability to close apps from task manager view (swipe up as in WebOS or add a 'close' button)
    - advanced power monitor like in Android. I'd really like to see what's sucking up all my battery power..
    - seal the FFC, I'm one of the lucky guys with tons of dust behind the FFC glass
    - make the matte Lumia's a little less slick, more 'Lenovo rubberized' style. It's too easy to drop this thing.
    - make it 30-50g lighter please! Thickness is OK for me.
    - allow tile groups and semantic zoom on start screen (grouping can be 'faked' with black tiles, but it's not convenient)
    - notification center please (supposedly in the works)
    - wide angle FFC like on the 8X
    - stereo mics. They put this great high dynamic range mic on this phone, but no stereo sound in concerts. Should be on top and bottom of phone (stereo in landscape video recording)
    - 'vibrate mode' should turn off ALL system sounds (except alarms).
    - ability to pin contact actions to screen (call cell, send email to email address x). Right now I can pin a person and then select, but a link to 'call this person' would be faster. Or already possible?
    - Better PDF reader (current app can't read the Lumia 920 manual, how's that for irony)
    - More memory and/or microSD. I managed to fill up 31GB already
    - Be able to play a video in camera roll and swipe to next pic from video. Right now I need to hit 'back' to get out of the player, then swipe to the next picture.
    - Geofence for wifi (turn on wifi when at work etc)
    - Copy Apple's 'night mode' - no alerts whatsoever (no vibrate even, screen stays off) between certain hours, e.g. midnight until 7am.
    - Allow phone to be off while on the charger.

    I'm sure there's more, but those are the once I can think of for now.

    OK more:
    - setting google as the search provider in IE should lead to full google page, not the mobilized version. Seemingly jerk move by MS, but maybe oversight? Hmm.
    - copy Apple's 'scroll to top' when touching top of screen. Would have to be 'middle top', since 'right top' shows network info.
    Last edited by Joe920; 12-08-2012 at 01:48 PM.
    12-08-2012 12:14 PM
  3. s0briquet's Avatar
    external memory slot + 64gb to start - I definitely would have paid 199 on contract for the extra memory (as the 32g is already worth 199)
    the oleophobic layer gets hairline scratches too easily (at least on mine)
    bring the gray color to the u.s.

    the camera and battery improvements that everyone is looking for
    more themes/customization ability
    either strong development of internet explorer (also please rebrand this) or good alternative browser - maybe nokia would make one?
    further development of XBOX SMARTGLASS - THIS CAN BE A WIIU COMPETITOR (i love this feature soo much already)
    more 3rd party peripheral support (high quality earbuds with full in line controls)

    lowering the cost of the wireless peripherals - it just feels silly when a charging peripheral is close to the cost of the phone, even while its understood that the phone itself is subsidized.

    12-08-2012 01:20 PM
  4. LIZARD2806's Avatar
    I don't see a timer option for the camera....this seems silly, ESPECIALLY using Smart Shoot.....please add this.
    12-18-2012 01:25 PM
  5. tomatoes11's Avatar
    It needs to be the same size and weight as other phones with 4.5 inch screens, or at least the same size and weight as phones with 4.8 inch screens.
    12-18-2012 01:46 PM
  6. Laceym's Avatar
    - copy Apple's 'scroll to top' when touching top of screen. Would have to be 'middle top', since 'right top' shows network info.
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    12-18-2012 02:20 PM
  7. jlynnm350z's Avatar
    Let me see. . .mmmmmm, how about when you plug in your charger it says "proceeding to charge" in this really cool robot voice. Yeah, yep, that's what I want.
    RyanKennedy likes this.
    12-18-2012 02:30 PM
  8. RyanKennedy's Avatar
    A little bit lighter, more and less expensive wireless charging accessories, and... the headphone jack. is gonna be on the bottom. boom.
    12-18-2012 02:49 PM

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