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    I have installed the Portico update on both my 8X, black and blue. Both are HSPA+ International unlocked models.

    The black one with the 10024 firmware was also updated to rev 20003 of the firmware and received a whole bunch of new drivers.

    The blue one with the 10022 firmware, well got the new OS fixes but no improvements to its firmware.

    I must say... not sure why this is this way, but that is the way it is. Maybe, 10022 firmware will be updated later.... or it is a firmware revision that is hard to upgrade.
    Or maybe it is a version that was for a market that has not yet received the firmware update... HTC should do something here cause the hardware is the same
    for both my phones.

    With the new Firmware and OS update: (my black one)
    In any case... Battery life is now better with GPS always on than beffore with GPS off. There is a big difference! I would say maybe 10-15% for a day of use, maybe a bit more.
    WiFi re-connect is much faster. I can leave WiFi on and be in GSM only if I want to.

    Big step forward for the 8X and WP8.

    I think, you will all enjoy this update!
    12-11-2012 09:21 AM

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