1. jrdatrackstar1223's Avatar
    I've visited different stores to make sure I wasn't playing with faulty units, but the result is always me enjoying the display of the Lumia 820 more than the 920. Maybe I'm just use to OLED screens now, but the 920 looked washed out in comparison to the 820, and the viewing angles look better on the Lumia 820 as well. Colors just POP on the 820, whereas the 920 just looks dull with every color.

    Does anyone else feel the same way? I know the PPI is high, but I just don't see/get all the hype behind the Lumia 920's display....
    12-12-2012 12:28 AM
  2. StevesBalls's Avatar
    You are not the only one - there are many people that prefer AMOLED screens as they have some undeniable advantages over traditional LCD screens. After all, they are used in some of the most popular and successful phones.
    12-12-2012 07:55 AM
  3. Enever's Avatar
    I agree. Coming from a lumia 900 to a 920, Although the pixel density and overall screen quality is miles different, I really miss the Amoled :( the saturated colors and , the biggest thing, the invisible blacks. I still miss it a month in. ( this phone is better in every department though)
    12-12-2012 08:10 AM
  4. anon(5327037)'s Avatar
    The 920 is the most beautiful and stunning display I've ever seen on a phone hands down. That being said, the 820 display is quite vivid and does a very good job of concealing the fact that the resolution sucks.
    12-12-2012 11:04 AM
  5. StevesBalls's Avatar
    The 920 is the most beautiful and stunning display I've ever seen on a phone hands down. That being said, the 820 display is quite vivid and does a very good job of concealing the fact that the resolution sucks.
    I wouldn't say that it sucks - at 4.3 inches it's still fine.
    12-12-2012 12:28 PM
  6. budney's Avatar
    I like the 820's screen more then the 920's my self. But I have always liked AMOLED screens. :)
    12-12-2012 01:33 PM
  7. gsquared's Avatar
    When I was comparing the two models what I noticed was how much sharper the 920 screen was. But to each there own..
    12-12-2012 01:40 PM
  8. Coreldan's Avatar
    I hear you.

    While I think the screen of 920 is really amazing in most ways, I probably would've traded some of that away to have an OLED screen. That said, one of the main reasons I like AMOLED screens is irrelevant on WP cos WP doesnt have the feature, which is screensaver clock. That's one feature I miss from my old N8. But yes, the colors are a bit more vivid too, but other than that the screen of 920 is really great too.
    12-12-2012 01:41 PM
  9. iamtim's Avatar
    I do not think the 820's screen is better than the 920, but I certainly think it's comparable. Too many people look at the "low" resolution and think that's the be-all, end-all. But so much more goes into it than that.
    snowmutt likes this.
    12-12-2012 03:09 PM
  10. anon(5327037)'s Avatar
    I wouldn't say that it sucks - at 4.3 inches it's still fine.
    Ok yes it holds its own. It just seems so last Gen...the text I'd noticably fuzzy next to a 920 or retina device. Surprisingly I got used to it pretty quick. Doesn't bother me anymore. Just wish I had a bit better camera... Oh well. Sometimes I think I should have kept the 920 and sucked it up (the jumbo size)
    12-31-2012 05:46 PM
  11. X0LARIUM's Avatar
    There is a video on YouTube comparing the two. Both devices are black. And the 820 has flash red whereas the 920 has crimson. Yep it does look sharper..though I haven't seen one yet in real..and not gonna till the end of the month.

    Sent from my RaZr on MIUI.
    01-01-2013 09:04 AM
  12. snowmutt's Avatar
    I sure LOVED the screen on the 822 when I played with it in my Verizon store. (My local AT&T stores do not have a working 820, only the 8X and 920.) But while I think I like the 920 screen better, I would have zero problems recommending the 820/822/810 to people. It is a vibrant, alive presentation. LCD VS AMOLED really is about color reproduction- one will appeal more to you then the other.
    01-01-2013 12:31 PM
  13. qsr786's Avatar
    I think, the the Screen of 820 is far better than 920, though its not so sharp but in real life you dont see that it has 800x480 resoltion. I was stunned when I compared the HD7 with 820. They have both the same Resolution but on 820, the text and everything is much much sharper. Also in Windows Phone many times there is a black Background, therefore i would defenetely go with 820.
    01-02-2013 03:30 AM
  14. X0LARIUM's Avatar
    01-02-2013 04:31 AM
  15. jiayit's Avatar
    I'd choose resolution over color saturation and etc. Don't really understand what's oversaturated, just that text looks way better on the 920.
    01-02-2013 04:54 AM
  16. Tomasz S.'s Avatar
    Yes, 820's vivid OLED looks way better than 920's pale LCD.

    There's no clearly visible difference in sharpness. And that "super smooth 60Hz mumbo jumbo", which Nokia touted so much at release, seems to to be completely overrated and irrelevant, as even 920 enthusiasts don't seem to notice or mention it.
    01-07-2013 08:18 AM
  17. Nelson Campos's Avatar
    I was going for the 920 until I had them side by side on a store. Not only I liked the looks on the 820 much better, I really hated the screen on the 920. Don't get me wrong, it's probably the best display out there. I just hatted the greyness when off (reminded me of my 3GS yak!) and blacks wheren't as deep as on the 820. Combine that with a lower price and MicroSD card and yeah, I walked out of the store with my 820...
    02-28-2013 07:03 PM

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