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    Hi all,
    (First real post here. Sorry it's long)

    My wife and I both got new Lumia 920s on AT&T at the beginning of November after both coming off previous smartphones. Since then, she has gone over her data limit with hardly any use at all while I haven't gotten close. First things first, I know her data limit is embarrassingly low for this day and age at 200mb/month (while I have 2gb). However, on her old smartphone (Samsung Galaxy 1) she didn't even get close to the limit most months and her data habits have not changed. Naturally, I figure the Lumia will use more data than older smartphones since there are more apps that refresh automatically and background processes and things. We've turned most of that off though in Settings. Does anyone have ideas on what could be using most of that data?

    1) She is on WiFi more than 95% of the time, at home and at work. The main time she isn't on WiFi is when she is driving to and from work and not really using her phone. (She doesnt use the phone for directions)
    2) When she is on WiFi, she usually goes to Settings and turns Data fully off too as an extra precaution. There have been one or two times where she has forgotten to do this overnight for example (though we are on WiFi)
    3) She occasionally has turned Data back on to send or receive a picture SMS a few times a month, but only when she is also on WiFi. We have the Family Unlimited messaging plan.
    4) She occassionally updates her Facebook status or checks a few websites, but nothing really intensive like watching videos on 4g or streaming anything or major downloads.

    When looking at her usage stats on AT&T, there are a bunch of 30-50mb usages every couple days. Would picture messages use that much? On my phone, I am also almost always on WiFi and have only used like 30mb per month on my TOTAL, and I tend to browse/download/use my smartphone a lot more than my wife, so something is up.

    1) She had not diligently gone to the Store and updated her apps while I have. I seem to remember there was some initial noise about Nokia Drive or some other apps draining the battery when left on in the background. Could something like that also be using data, or have there been updates to certain apps to help not use so much data that maybe I could have updated that she hadn't?
    2) Also, could it be an issue with the phone somehow not being connected to WiFi when it isnt actively being used/does Wifi turn off when you turn off the screen/sleep? I though I remembered hearing about that and I remember seeing a Nokia "Network" update which I had but she didnt have before. Could her phone be running lots of background app refreshes even when she thinks she's on WiFi but the phone does this while the screen is off/not on WiFi?
    3) She didn't immediately realize that a few apps had background tasks enabled until I went in and turned them off in the past week. There were 3-4 apps that were previously not blocked, Nokia Drive and CNN being two I recall. Again, she was still almost always on WiFi though.
    4) She had two gmail accounts linked. One was set to always update. We have since changed both to Manual update. She does receive quite a few emails (mainly text, not many pictures), but again, nothing more than she previously had on her Galaxy S1 which also received emails immediately (push). Because that was Android (Google) was that integrated better and not use as much data?

    I'm hoping this data usage dramatically improves after having made her take all the updates, turn email to manual, and make sure all background tasks were blocked. She also will now email pictures instead of picture messaging.

    Though, in general it has been fairly frustrating since she basically is not able to use this phone as a smartphone at all without immediately going over her limit. I know the easy "fix" is just to up her plan to 2gb/religiously turn Data off in settings/watch it like a hawk/never use it, but she seriously never used that much data before. Does 4G just use that much more data or is there something we're missing?

    12-12-2012 09:50 AM
  2. zfarooq's Avatar
    Hello Alex,

    The only reason you (and me and a few others) are having this issue is because WIFI does not run when the screen times out. Not to worry there is an update (portico) that is already available for Windows Phone 8 devices, that rectifies this. It may take a week or 2 before your Lumia 920 gets it, after that she will be back to normal.

    Till then, remember she is still using data at home if not turned off. So I would recommend just going to "cellular" and turning data to "off".

    Then go to "backup" and make sure that picture backsups/uploads are set to "only wifi" and not over data.

    That should do it, the background tasks should not be an issue. I would just ensure that when you have Maps/Drive open you exit out by using the back button.

    Other than that, help is on the way. Also don't forget Data Sense, which will come out soon. There are also counters of how much data is used that you can pin to your lock screen, which can give your wife a visual aid.
    12-12-2012 10:16 AM
  3. rbashir's Avatar
    You need to check the background tasks and block the apps from updating in the background. Also leave the check box un-check to prevent the background app/task to start again the next time you run those app. In the advanced settings of the background tasks, you will see the the list of apps for which you may not be able to turn off the background tasks, the only option for those apps to not run the tasks in the background is to unintall them. Look if you can uninstall those apps that you might not be using (ATT pre-installed apps) or any other app that you think is not being used.

    Hope this helps
    12-12-2012 10:21 AM
  4. pieceofsnake's Avatar
    Thanks, yes we have all of them blocked that we can. Uninstalling the ones that can't be blocked is a good idea.
    12-12-2012 10:34 AM
  5. robertre's Avatar
    I agree with the suggestion to make sure backup of pictures to Skydrive is set to WiFi only. I have that set, as well as blocking most apps from running in the background. I am on WiFi also most of the time, and I turn off my cellular data whenever I am home. My data usage is running about the same as my Samsung Focus ran. With a little over half of the month gone, I have used about 46mg of my 200mg plan. Hopefully ATT will implement Datasense at some point, as it will allow you to see what is using the data. I think I remember somebody mentioning at one announcement that they would impliment it in early 2013, but I could be wrong on the date.
    12-12-2012 11:14 AM
  6. EliteMikes's Avatar
    I have had this issue, I personally burnt through nearly 4GB when I usually only use about 400 mb. A big chunk of that was due to my real usage though. I was on vacation and tethering a lot. Although since I've been back I've been keeping an eye on my usage. I'm not really sure what is using my data, but its not normal. I've had a WP on verizon and never exceeded 400mb for regular usage.

    I know one issue for me is that I haven't taken enough care of my xbox music collection yet. I hate their sync system. I believe I could be streaming when I think it's locally. I do question the wifi not connecting fast enough while at home.
    12-12-2012 12:18 PM
  7. HIllste1's Avatar
    Same issue. I some how used 90mb when I never left the house-and my wife's Iphone didn't use a kb, so I'm sure the router was up all day. I don't think a long term solution is turning off my cell data every time I get home, but for the short term that is all ATT would recommend.
    12-29-2012 01:45 PM
  8. Nathan Bensler's Avatar
    Does anyone here share their music pass? My wife streams music almost all day on the kitchen computer running win8. She is signed in with her email but uses zune soft ware on desktop mode signed in with my name. Both of us streaming at the same time causes a conflict and one person will get booted off. This has happened maybe ten time over two years because I rarely ever stream music on my phone. Data sense says I am using 1.5gb avg per month on cell alone plus a similar but not extactly the same amount on wifi. Its no wonder my battery life isn't great. Any way just wondering if anyone else has any similarities. I have had a music pass for prob 3 yrs. I do not use any media or games on my phone 9 out of 10 days and even then only in very small doses. in the last 30 days my 920 has consumed 2.2gb cell and 2.3gb wifi. I would REALLY like to figure this out. It is an unlocked Rogers pentaband phone on the TELUS network.
    09-13-2013 03:54 PM
  9. Syed Shahid Mahmood's Avatar
    One thing to watch out for is that visual voice mail won't work without cellular data connection. That means you won't receive any voice mails until you turn on cellular data connection.
    09-27-2013 09:05 AM

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