1. tylernicholas16's Avatar
    Is anyone else having an issue with group chat? i have a group chat with my friends and we all have the 920 and it only seems to update when we all open the group. it wont push notifications or anything. we have deleted the group and made a new one but still same issue.

    is anyone else experiencing this?

    12-13-2012 09:47 AM
  2. cardinalryan's Avatar
    If you are talking about "Rooms" then yes, I have had this problem. I've sent messages to my wife through the "Room" and find out at the end of the day that she never received my messages. We just use SMS to communicate now because the "Rooms" feature is not reliable at this point.
    12-13-2012 11:25 AM
  3. tylernicholas16's Avatar
    Sorry yes rooms is what i meant. would you wife receive the message if she opened the group and let it sync? ours is working as long as we open the chat, but its annoying when you forget and open in and there are 50 messages that you have to catch up on. it worked flawless when we first got the phone but isnt working anymore.
    12-13-2012 03:51 PM
  4. therealper's Avatar
    same problem for me. first days were great but since 2 weeks it doesnt work. one more bug from microsoft, shame on you microsoft
    tylernicholas16 likes this.
    12-14-2012 04:42 AM
  5. tylernicholas16's Avatar
    hopefully they will fix this with the new OS update that should be out in the next couple weeks. this is a HUGE feature for me and wish it was more reliable.
    12-14-2012 02:36 PM

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