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    Fellow Lumia 920 users,

    I thought I'd share my experiences regarding the battery life issues so many of us 920 users have encountered. First, I have to point out that I have no apps installed, Nokia Drive and NFC is disabled. In other words, I have basically nothing running on the phone.

    I've hade the phone now for six days, and I seem to be getting periods of excessive battery drainage (and also the phone gets quite warm on the upper back) every day. For an example, on Tuesday evening I noticed that the battery level had dropped dramatically during the day despite very little usage. I plugged the phone into the wall socket at 11 PM, at 2 AM I unplugged it at 100% charge. I could feel that the phone was warm, however this is of course usual when charging a battery. At 7 AM I noticed that the phone was still hot to the touch and the battery level had dropped 50% in five hours despite no usage. A few hours later I simply rebooted the thing at around 30% charge left, and this simple action seemed to do miracles! The phone cooled down fast and the estimated battery life jumped up and the charge lasted for six more hours. Later the same day, the charge again went down fast and the phone was getting hot, so I rebooted it again and the problem was again solved. Today I had to restart it once more, and by doing these reboots I have gotten the battery to last for 1 day and 3 hours and still 25% charge left.

    As I see it, this battery draining issue is not due to malfunctioning apps. It's more likely that it has to do with the OS itself. I would like to ask you if you can get around this issue by doing the same thing as I have done for the past couple of days? I think it is quite weird that the testers did not pay attention to this obvious problem before they released the phone. Hope they will be able to fix it!
    12-13-2012 12:44 PM

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