1. midtownpenguin's Avatar
    Hi there

    Just a question, I am still new to nokia - about 2 weeks now.

    Last night my phone had full charge - this morning it would not wake up. I eventually figured out how to do the soft reset and it is back up and running.

    Does this happen a lot?
    12-14-2012 08:29 AM
  2. nokiafan99's Avatar
    No, I have using mine black N920 for over a month now, it has never froze on me yet! Fingers crossed :D
    12-14-2012 08:32 AM
  3. Sinabu's Avatar
    If you read through the forums you will see a good number of folks having the lock up issue.

    My issue was due to the wireless charger. I've been talking with Nokia and they advised MS should be releasing an update this month to improve stability. For my issue I narrowed it down to the bluetooth being on while wireless charging.

    Even if your not wireless charging try turning the bluetooth option off and wait for the update.
    12-14-2012 08:46 AM
  4. midtownpenguin's Avatar
    Good to know - all i had on though was wifi and my cell network
    12-14-2012 09:02 AM
  5. david90531's Avatar
    Mine froze once with MetroTube, could be app compatibility issue, could be firmware
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
    12-14-2012 09:06 AM

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