01-27-2013 11:15 PM
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  1. Cordanim's Avatar
    Now that I have a couple of weeks under my belt using mine, and my IT guys at work solved my EAS issue (it was a needle in a haystack setting they had to flip a switch on), I'm not looking back to my BlackBerry days at all (although my wife is enjoying my Bold 9900 :) )!

    I am getting used to the People functionality, and actually really getting into tying peoples' networks together, etc. I actually uninstalled the separate Facebook and Twitter accounts, since the integrated functionality was working so well.

    The responsiveness is amazing on this phone...maybe I'm jaded as an ex-BlackBerry user for years, where 5 minutes after unwrapping a new device, it starts to slow down and lag

    I haven't had a chance to get an opinion on the music quality that people have been complaining about yet - will be able to try that next week on a business trip - we'll see if the sound is bad with my BOSE headset on the plane :)

    All in all, no regrets, and loving the Windows Phone experience!

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    01-10-2013 07:53 AM
  2. sporty2k's Avatar
    I got it and loving it. Purchased Rogers version, unlocked it and am using it on AT&T in the US. At first I couldnt even see an internet sharing option in settings so had to reset the phone with my AT&T sim inserted and it when it restarted the option was there. Had the Lumia 900 and for me its sooooo much better. Mostly from a form factor perspective.
    01-10-2013 08:14 AM
  3. crystal_planet's Avatar
    I might as well weigh in here. I just picked one up from Telus after trading in my Nokia L800 for it and upgrading my plan. It's definitely faster in terms of rendering pages despite having the same HSPA (LTE is not available), and as expected, buttery smooth. Despite people's various complaints about missing apps and features, this o/s is so silky it's almost is a little freaky, and I can't praise Microsoft enough because of it. The device itself feels really light but is solid and well put together, but I still refused to use it until I got a case for it - even if the case choices are pathetic at this point. I must admit I was worried about the size, but if feels comfortable when handling it, and unless you have large hands, you'll need both hands to navigate around it.

    I am going to miss Nokia's apps, especially Drive and Samsung's apps are good for one thing - deletion. At least with Windows Phone you can. Oh, and about SD card storage? A God send. Especially for a flag ship phone.

    One complaint: the power button is too recessed and small imho, especially with a cover. I have to push quite hard to get it to activate, but it might just be the cover.
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    01-16-2013 06:30 AM
  4. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Pictures please!!
    01-16-2013 11:18 PM
  5. StantheManLee's Avatar
    I have the HTC 8x. Never had reboot issues any of the other problems described - phone a has been a dream. The ONLY problem is that its with Bell Canada. This company has extrememly poor support for hardware they sell. While Rogers has already provided 2 OTA updates for this phone, customers at Bell are left out in the cold! Stay away from Bell. If you should ever have ANY problems with the phone you will have serious regrets.
    01-23-2013 11:23 AM
  6. halibutstu's Avatar
    I just got the Ativ S from Telus the other day. It's my first WP phone and I'm truly enjoying it. In fact I can't put it down. They are hard to come by here in Calgary and it took me a few weeks of waiting to get it. Then when I did get one I had to drive way across the city. I think they are getting low volumes here as well but when I was in store somebody else was walking out with one. People here seem to want them but everyone at work I've showed the phone to has never seen one, and most haven't heard of WP. I got it because it's the only WP that Telus offers, I would have gone with the 920. There are things I like about the Ativ though. I could care less about the changeable battery but I slapped a 32GB card in there right away. I love the colour saturation of the screen and I like the over all look. I know it gets knocked for being boring but at 40 I don't want a bright blue phone!! The Ativ is thin and light and slips in the pocket nicely. Plus I think the sound quality is great. I use high end ear buds and don't care for exaggerated bass.

    Anyways I joined because I have a lot of questions. After being on Android for the last 3 years I got very frustrated at first. I realized I was trying to work the phone like an android device and needed to step back from that. re-invent the way I do things. And accept bloody "Bing" into my life. Although I'm getting more ok with that lol. Another thing that I struggle with is the volume control. Why would MS make it so one volume control changes everything!?!? It doesn't seem to affect the alarm clock though.

    Over all though I couldn't be happier with my Ativ and it's amazing with media. I still have stuff to learn but I'm feeling I made a good decision. :)
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    01-26-2013 09:41 PM
  7. halibutstu's Avatar
    The device itself feels really light but is solid and well put together, but I still refused to use it until I got a case for it - even if the case choices are pathetic at this point.
    The only case I've really seen so far is available at the Telus store. I didn't bother with a screen protector as I'm not that worried about scratches but I got the case to increase the odds of the screen not breaking should I drop it on the concrete floor of my work place! What do you guys think, is a screen protector needed? That glass seems very tough.

    Edit: I agree the power button is tricky with a case but the camera but is really tricky! There's just no feel going from focus to shutter.
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    01-26-2013 10:01 PM
  8. Rgodel's Avatar
    @crystal_planet - Did you know that you can get Nokia's Drive + Beta for free?
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    01-27-2013 07:03 PM
  9. crystal_planet's Avatar
    @crystal_planet - Did you know that you can get Nokia's Drive + Beta for free?
    Yep. And of course paid for an off line app the day before...
    01-27-2013 07:41 PM
  10. MrDH's Avatar
    I want to buy an unlocked Bell Ativ s online for use on Tmobile USA. Tmo continues their dismal wp selection, with only the 8x (too small for me) and some old trailing edge models. Feel a little silly asking because I should know this,, but if I am using the unlocked Bell Ativ s on Tmo, would I get future wp8 updates? Does Samsung push them out? Or Microsoft? Or the carrier?
    01-27-2013 11:15 PM
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