12-27-2012 02:23 PM
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    I've read this four times now and fail to see any point being made whatsoever. Except to be demeaning, that is. Read the whole thread and all of what's being said here by me and numerous others. Saying that we're "whining" is simply insulting. And I am indeed saying something needs to be changed on the phone - the camera software needs to be fixed along with numerous other issues, but it's not being fixed by the manufacturer in the timeframe promised, if at all.
    All phones have issues. What timeframe was promised you? The only thing I've seen regarding your market is "early feb".

    Unless you won your phone in a contest, we've all paid a pretty large sum of money for this thing, whether you bought it on contract or not, and what we got simply did not live up to expectations. The manufacturer even acknowledged that fact and promised a timely fix. They then proceeded to expedite that fix for only a portion of their customer base and told everyone else that bought the phone that they would have to live with the admitted shortcomings for more than two months. Why shouldn't we be disappointed and outraged?
    I was disappointed in the camera, but overall satisfied by the device. Do you think Apple customers were satisfied with Apple Maps? How many do you think are returning their iphones over it? This is the case with nearly EVERY product. Getting an update within 4 months of device launch is a fairly timely fix imo. If it continued at that pace, it would mean 3 updates a year... this would be dissatisfying?

    Where does that leave us? Well, our return periods have long since passed or will have expired by February when the OTA update was promised. So we've spent $450-850 for a phone, a Nokia PureView phone, that has a subpar camera. Is there anything right about that? No. Are we entitled to be disappointed? Absolutely. Should we refrain from posting about our disappointment in the hopes of finding a solution? Don't be daft, of course not.
    The return period provided by most carriers and manufacturers is generally expired by the time the first update for a device is available... so its a moot point. I don't know why your camera issues aren't fixed manually flashing... maybe that's why they want you to wait till february. Maybe they know something we don't about what needs to be done. Maybe they decided to prioritize north america and address the largest segment of their customer base as quickly as possible.

    Be disappointed, sure. But no matter where you go you're going to be disappointed if you expect all problems to be resolved in the first 4 months. My wife has an iphone that randomly loses its cellular data connection for 5 minutes at a time even after a couple updates... I'd say that's a major selling point of the phone that was unfulfilled too. You have to deal with camera softness for a couple months and its the end of the world.
    12-27-2012 10:07 AM
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    I had an original AT&T Samsung Focus. I don't think the thing ever got the Tango update. THAT might have been complaint worthy... having to wait of couple months, not so much. I did that too with Mango. What would the point of complaining about this be? To garner sympathy?

    I don't care that you bought a unlocked phone, I don't care that you paid more. I just don't see the point in complaining about a two month wait. Stop complaining and just return the phone if its really a big deal to you.

    I'm not at all surprised that North America has gotten the update first. Its a large homogenous market that generates the vast majority of media/news/reviews... success of windows phone rides more on its success in the US than any other country. That's just how it is. What was surprising was that we were among the last to get the mango update in wp7 - and that fact did a lot of damage to the phone's reputation.

    Just a heads up, but all devices have problems, even with major selling points of the phone. iOS 6 has been available some 4 months and it still periodically loses cellular data connection. It still has bluetooth audio issues. LTE didn't work for many european carriers until the December update. Wifi also had a bug that wasn't fixed until December. You're getting an update within 4 months of launch... it doesn't sound torch and pitchfork worthy to me.
    I still can't fathom what made you so compelled to post in this thread in the first place. You got the update more than a week ago with a huge improvement in the camera so why respond to a thread about a delay in the update to the RM-821? You don't even have the same phone as the one we're discussing here, but apparently are so upset about the fact that somebody is complaining about defective performance and poor follow through by the manufacturer that you feel you have something to add to the discussion.

    We get your point - you think we have no right or reason to be upset or to post about it on this forum - fine. Thanks for your opinion. Now if you let those of us that actually have an RM-821 continue our discussion, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Back on topic, it would be interesting to hear from the first people that get the RM-821 update OTA. Nokia has been populating its servers with a Portico update for several versions of the RM-821 in the past few days, but far from all regions are being covered and none has gone live OTA as yet. A few people are reporting some improvement to the camera, but most with the RM-821 who have flashed the update on the servers are reporting little to no improvement in the pictures. I initially thought I saw an improvement, but on closer inspection only the contrast and color balance seemed slighty better, but the pictures were still fuzzy on numerous versions of the update. That leaves me wondering if there is even a camera fix in the update being prepared for launch on the RM-821.
    12-27-2012 10:19 AM
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    Well I agree as well: fine give update to RM-821 later than 820, but in February? For something that used for hours, everyday - 2 months this is a very long time to wait. Moreover, I would of flash it myself to 820 to force the update, but with current WP8 backup system which takes ages to setup the phone, flashing isnt really worth the hassle. If we would of had an option to backup to PC and restore from there, (similar how itunes does it for iPhone) then restoring the phone would of been painless...Nevertheless, we picked WP8 which is less polished than other platforms but more innovative at what it does. Remember, no one force you to buy Lumia, but polishing something like a major eco system takes time...

    "good things come to those who wait..."
    12-27-2012 01:26 PM
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    The reason why US got the update first, was because it's a much smaller market for Nokia at this moment. There are a lot less 920s in US then there are in other parts of the world. The update came here first because of mass testing purposes. If something went wrong, it would've been a lot worse with unlocked 920s then with AT&T and Rogers versions. So stop complaining, CHILL OUT. You paid higher price not for immediate updates, but for actual UNLOCK and no carrier involvement. Not only that, but unlocked 920s have better retail value and better retail packaging. AT&T doesn't get color matching headphones.
    12-27-2012 01:41 PM
  5. Quist2012's Avatar
    I love how everyone who is telling us to stop complaining got their update already, which unless they flashed the update themselves also means that they don't even have an RM-821...

    ...I was just in the middle of writing yet another post defending our right to be disappointed and justifying that disappointment when I started thinking about ever having run into so much attitude to complaints and an honest interest in seeking improvements back in the day with Windows Mobile on XDA Developers, more recently at XDA with Android or on any of the multitude of Symbian developer and owner forums over the past 15 years. I have never seen anything of the like on any of these forums, yet here, a load of people who have the RM-820 feel obliged to highjack threads on the RM-821 and to hound anyone and everyone who has a complaint. The prevailing attitude here among a small, but vocal minority appears to be "keep your mouth shut or get out". It's just sad. Especially considering how many posted their thanks for this thread and many others.

    That said, I can't be bothered anymore. We could have been talking about our flashing experienced with the firmwares that are available. Helping those who need help to flash or don't dare. Talking about the results from Portico we're seeing on the RM-821 compared to what seems to be working on the RM-820. Instead, the focus here has shifted to these peoples' problems with the fact that we are not happy with a two month delay in the update. I can only repeat myself - it's just sad.
    12-27-2012 02:23 PM
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