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    I love my Lumia 920. The OTA upgrade makes the already amazing camera of Lumia 920 more robust. The added sharpness is fantastic! My only complaint about the camera is the lacking of a HDR function, or the camera to adjust the exposure value based on the focus point. I used both Lumia 920 iPhone 5 to take a pic of my lap top. Once I took the phone away from the screen, the exposure value increased on both cameras of L920 and iPhone 5. That means, the screen became over exposed and the content on the screen is unreadable. Then I took photos with both phones. The iPhone's original picture is over exposed, the same as what I saw on the screen when I took the picture. But the HDR photo is pretty good, the content on the screen is very clear. Comparing to iPhone, L920's photo is as overexposed as iPhone's original photo, which is absolutely a fail in that scenario. But, if I manually set the exposure value to -2/3, the photo taken by L920 is as good as the one of iPhone, and even better on the details. Another feature I think L920 lacks is the auto exposure adjust when using the point to focus mode. On iPhone, when you point the screen, the camera not only focus on the objective, but also adjust the exposure value. On L920, the point focus seems only has the focus function. I know, all these features could be done on L920 manually with no problem. But adding the HDR function and auto-adjust expo on point focus mode will be much more convenient for users to take a photo without second thought, which is pretty important for mobil camera.
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    12-21-2012 09:17 PM

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