1. daZza_GER's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    I've got my Lumia 920 for a few days now :)
    However, I am having some problems since :( The main problem is that phone shuts down automatically over night and the next morning I cannot reboot it using the power button. In order to get it working again I have to use a soft reboot, which resets my date&time -.-
    Apart from that I also got a small rattle-like sound when the phone's vibrating, but I guess that's the camera stabilizer and it's not that annoying anyway.

    Does anyone else has these shut downs or is there a known cause yet?
    Question is if I should exchange my phone or not...
    12-22-2012 09:16 AM
  2. George Ponder's Avatar
    Can't say that I've heard of the 920 doing this. Mine is not.
    The rattle isn't the camera stabilizer (or should I say "shouldn't be") and may be the sim card tray.
    If you think the phone is acting hinky and you're within your return/exchange period, why risk it? Exchange it for another 920.
    12-22-2012 09:38 AM
  3. daZza_GER's Avatar
    Is there a period for it?! I thought it has like 2 years warranty for that kind of issues... Apart from those overnight shutdowns (which don't even occur every night) all works fine and I'm lucky I don't have a dusty camera or bad battery or one of those other issues everyone's talking about. Also it will probably take several weeks for the exchange mobile to arrive, as there are big bottlenecks at the moment.

    Really hard to decide whether to wait till February when the update is supposed to go live or return it immediately and risking getting a worse product than the one I have now :(
    12-22-2012 09:53 AM
  4. George Ponder's Avatar
    The extended warranty is honored through Nokia. The exchange/return period is honored by the retailer.
    12-22-2012 12:23 PM
  5. rdifiori's Avatar
    My Lumia would do that at first. I uninstalled Nokia Drive+ Beta and the problem went away. The reboot issue, that is.
    12-22-2012 12:27 PM
  6. daZza_GER's Avatar
    Hm will give that a try... Though it would be a shame to lose the ability to navigate
    12-23-2012 06:46 AM

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