1. Andy Barker's Avatar
    Very happy with the l920. Stylish phone and innovative. Just a slight concern with the battery and how long it lasts. I only seem to get about 12 hrs till its 5% left. Today at 12 was fully charged and now 6 hrs later i have used 40%. Yet ive only made one phone call for about 4 mins. The odd bit of surfing. A few face book posts and the odd little go on angry birds. Surely it cant of used 40% battery. All background tasks are off. It only checks mail every 30 mins and when mail comes in on the other account. Ive not had any emails today. Brightness is set to low automatic. Screen lock comes on after 1 minute. In still yet to get this new update for win 8 as i live in the UK on t-mobile. Hope others can help out as its an awesome phone. Far better than my iphone 4
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    12-24-2012 12:19 PM
  2. CapnPauly's Avatar
    Glad you're enjoying the new phone! :)
    As to the battery issues, how long have you had it? Many of us have had to "Exercise" the battery before it would last a full day. Odd that we should need to do this with a Li-Ion battery, but this helped me (and I've seen this with my older my Motorola [non-"Smart"] phones).
    I personally had to fully-discharge re-charge the battery twice a week for a couple of weeks before getting any really good performance out of it. Mine has been off of my charger for seven hours and it is at 80% battery left. There are a bunch of free "Battery Discharge" apps in the app Store to hasten the process.

    Things other people have done were switch-off 4G, Bluetooth, and the NFC (Tap & Send) to conserve battery, but I honestly haven't had to do these.

    If after exercising the battery a bit and tweaking various settings, if you're still having battery issues, you may just have a bad battery. :( Take it back and exchange it for different one.
    12-24-2012 02:18 PM
  3. Nataku4ca's Avatar
    from what i hear/read there is a patch coming within the next few weeks that would remedy that battery issue you are having, aside from that i heard turning off NFC helps alot, may be try that first
    and if you have skype installed, try uninstalling it and monitor how the phone performs for a few days
    12-24-2012 02:22 PM
  4. santillanavila1993's Avatar
    I've had this issue on the first Lumia I had. Just return it for a new one. It is defective.
    12-24-2012 02:26 PM
  5. Andy Barker's Avatar
    Ive had the l920 for just over a month. In on my second one. First one had massive apps errors. Installing and signing into them and websites. The current one i have is fine but for battery. Its just very odd that so many have different issues regarding batteries. I love the phone and windows 8. Ins all innovative unlike the recent apple or Samsung phones. Ill wait for the fix and hope that it solves the issue. I think the UK get it February. If not i cant see that t-mobile will be happy in swapping another phone. And there's no guarantee that another wo t do the same. Ive switched of the 4g transfer as i have paid to be 4g anyway. Could the WiFi charging be harming my phone.
    12-24-2012 03:22 PM

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