1. carlosrdd's Avatar
    My friend just noticed the flash on my Lumia 920 is not white when taking a picture. I never noticed because I never really liked at it but after downloading a flashlight app it is very yellow like a lemon. I couldn't find anything on flash color so can someone check theirs and verify whether it's supposed to be white or yellow. Thanks
    12-28-2012 07:13 AM
  2. cddigi's Avatar
    Two white LEDs
    12-28-2012 07:14 AM
  3. carlosrdd's Avatar
    Thanks I just called AT&T they giving me the run around but I'll keep trying...
    12-28-2012 07:49 AM
  4. devize's Avatar
    Mine is a yellowish colour. Not white but definitely not yellow like a lemon. It's more a creamy/beige colour. The one I sent back to Nokia was the same. Doesn't worry me, the flash still works well when taking photos.
    12-28-2012 10:59 AM
  5. michail71's Avatar
    That shouldn't matter too much if the while balance is calibrated correctly to the flash.
    12-28-2012 11:05 AM

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