1. lancguy's Avatar
    So, I had my second lockup on my 920. The first time was clearly a Bluetooth issue. But this time was a bit different. I left my phone downstairs on new years eve and didn't put it on the charger like I normally do. When I went to check my phone the next day it was dead. At first I thought it was not charged. So I set it on my charger. 3 hours later, it still would not come back up. So I plugged it in to a charger. And hour later it wouldn't come back. So I did a reset on it, and voilą it came back to life fully charged. However when I checked my start screen, two of my aps were not there. BBC and Weave aps were missing. I had to re-pin them. So I'm wondering if one of those aps caused the problem
    01-03-2013 12:11 AM
  2. C s G's Avatar
    I have an ongoing support issue with Nokia Resolutions, and this was part of my e-mail to them on Christmas day:

    Many people have complained about a reboot problem, but I've only experienced it once shortly after the Portico update. However, just an hour ago, I could not turn on my phone (last used an hour before that). I thought maybe I drained the battery, so I plugged it in and waited. Unfortunately I got no response, so I tried the 2-button reset.

    After the phone turn on, I noticed my Weave and BBC live tiles disappeared (and those are my only live tiles). Not only that, but it appears I have lost part of the Portico update. I am now having Update 8.0.10211.204 (KB 2788412) available. I checked a bit, and see that I still have the keep WiFi on option, but lost the text replies to incoming calls feature BUT still having the settings available under Settings > Applications > Phone.
    Up till now, I am still facing a lot of the phone-shutting-off-need-reset problem. At least once a day. But the tiles no longer disappear.

    Btw, disregard my comment regarding text-reply not working. I wasn't aware that it only works for numbers in your People hub.
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    01-03-2013 12:57 AM
  3. lancguy's Avatar
    I forgot to bring up my phone again last night to put on the charge pad. And again it locked up. This time I didn't lose any tiles on my start screen.
    01-03-2013 09:17 AM
  4. astroboy100's Avatar
    Happens to me too....is it a charging-related issue? Kind of annoying since I use it as my second wake-up alarm in the mornings and now I can't rely on it.
    01-03-2013 10:09 AM
  5. C s G's Avatar
    So far for me it has never occurred while I am using the phone, but has occurred both while charging and while not.
    01-03-2013 10:45 AM
  6. lancguy's Avatar
    No, it seems to only hit me if I forget to put it on a charger
    01-03-2013 01:46 PM
  7. lancguy's Avatar
    What is interesting about this is I brought my phone up last night and put it on the charge plate and it didn't lock up on me.

    I don't understand why leaving it on the charge plate would affect it. I'm going to try an experiment today and leave it off the charge plate all day to see what happens.
    01-04-2013 09:02 AM
  8. astroboy100's Avatar
    I closed out of all my apps last night before bed and it didn't lock up on me last night...not sure if that helped or not. :-)
    01-04-2013 09:10 AM
  9. lancguy's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure everything was closed last night to. I didn't use my phone much yesterday. I'll try leaving some ApS running today during my test.
    01-04-2013 10:20 AM
  10. lancguy's Avatar
    Well I left it off the charger all day and night and didn't have a lock up. I don't see any common thread on this problem. The good news is I my battery life is awesome. Still got 60% with normal use.
    01-05-2013 07:56 AM

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