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    I love my Lumia 920 and it's such a refreshing change from my old Android phone. But I've been rather surprised about the lack of advertising in the UK from both Nokia and Microsoft. So far this is what I've seen:

    - Nokia Lumia sponsoring Drama on 4
    - A few WP8 adverts on Channel 4
    - A poster at a train station for the HTC8X
    - A few EE Billboard adverts for the L920, but focussing on the 4G speed not the phone/OS
    - A few posters in P4U store windows for the L920

    There may be other things but these are the ones I've noticed. It's a bit disappointing there's not more.

    When I show my friends my phone they all love it, and by far the feature that most impresses them is the wireless charging - it's something they've not seen before and has the 'wow' factor. Yet Nokia don't seem to have advertised this at all. It's not going to be seen as an innovation from Nokia (or a WP device) once it becomes mainstream as no one knows the L920/820 already has it.

    I'm surprised that a phone with innovative features, and a new OS with an outstanding UI that is completely different from anything else on the market, hasn't been marketed more. I'd hardly expect market share to grow significantly here without a big marketing push.

    Perhaps I've missed some of the marketing or there's something in the pipeline?!
    01-09-2013 08:22 AM
  2. gerbilly's Avatar
    I have just e mailed Nokia about this and also their failure to provide accessories for sale.
    01-09-2013 08:29 AM

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