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    Hoping someone can help or advise.

    I've had a 920 since November. I also have an 8X. Early on, I noticed that the 8X NFC worked perfectly but the 920 seemed intermittent - sometimes operating correctly and sometimes not recognising a tag or other device at all. As I didn't have a lot of use for this feature at the time, I let it drop. However, my Wireless Charging Stands have just arrived and I realise that not only does the 920's response remain unreliable (it fails to react 9 time out of 10 and, on the tenth, behaves correctly) but that this is causing me a specific problem as I can't reliably trigger the pairing with the charging stand.

    Tap and Send is, of course, set to on and the charging stand appears in the settings area correctly. When it does trigger, weather and calendar displays correctly but, most times, tapping on the charging stand does nothing at all.

    I only found one thread that seemed relevant and tried powering on and off as suggested but this had no effect. Do others experience this problem or have any ideas how to sort it? Does Portico offer any improvement? I've already had to replace this troublesome handset twice and I'm really not looking to do it again - I'll just ebay the 920 and stick to the 8X. Would be a shame though as I really like the wireless charging.

    Thanks in anticipation.
    01-13-2013 08:12 AM