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    Prior to installing any battery apps, I would check my battery level manually through the settings page and notice it ticked down at a pretty steady rate, depending on what I was doing on the phone. After about 9 hours in standby, without doing anything on the phone, I could check the battery level and find it had gone from 100% to something under 90% (85% give or take).

    Yesterday I installed the 'Battery Status' app on two Lumia 920's, with the intention of seeing how much faster one drained battery than the other. I left them both in standby for 9 hours, and came back later to check on the battery level. After 9 hours, one of the phones (Phone A henceforth) was still reporting 100% remaining battery (both in the battery status app and the settings view). Phone B was at 96%.

    Figuring that 100% wasn't possible after 9 hours, even on standby, I uninstalled Battery Status from both phones, reset them, used them a bit (games, baconit), and then charged them overnight.

    Come morning, Phone B reported 90% battery, even though it was plugged in overnight. Resetting the phone still caused it to show 90%, so I plugged it into the wall and let it top up to 100%. Now, after unplugging it and downloading some new games over wifi and trying them out, it still reads as 100%.

    Of course, the above was by no means an extensive test, and is anecdotal evidence at best.

    Has anyone else noticed strange behaviour like this after installing any battery apps? It almost seems like the app affected how WP8 senses/learns my battery levels.
    01-13-2013 02:56 PM
  2. kevin2577's Avatar
    I haven't noticed anything strange. Any weird effects should be limited by how limited the SDK is for low level access. Apps should not be able to impact system services such as the global battery meter, and any quirks should be resolved with a restart. That is a strange thing that happened though, I wouldn't think it were possible with existing APIs
    01-13-2013 07:16 PM

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