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    Decided to post these for anyone who interested in the 920 camera quality. Both has the latest firmware.
    My two cents is, N8 is rather wash out in bright sun, which at that time around 2pm, its really not her best time. Nonetheless the N8 also manage to capture the finest detail for most of the time.

    920 seems to struggle in getting images all in focus, as you can see from the 2nd pair of comparison. While it gets the rocks on focus and sharp, the surrounding suffered loss of focus. This happens when I do a long tap on the rocks while taking the picture. If I do a fast tap, then everything is blown out beyond acceptable. Which I think is a bug in the camera app.

    However 920 does pretty well in adverse light and complex contrast in scenery shoots, which I do not have comparison from the N8 as she has almost died out after a long call.

    As always, N8 on top, 920 on the bottom. Note all auto, but the 2rd set had the 920 the turn on backlight mode and increased exposure.
    Hope my skydrive link works too.

    Here are some other photos I took. N8 first then 920.
    N8 set

    920 set (not auto)
    01-15-2013 04:54 PM

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