1. ImAdrian23's Avatar
    I don't know if this is hard ware related or soft ware, but whenever there is an update for a specific app (I know there is because I read WPCentral) my Marketplace doesn't detect the update, unless I go straight to the app wait a few seconds and then it will tell me that there's an update available.
    Anyone else is/had experienced this? Any ideas on how to fix it? It is really frustrating.
    01-16-2013 09:29 AM
  2. Squall611's Avatar
    I have the same problem on my L920 recently. It worked fine the first few weeks I had it, but now I get no notifications from the store live tile when there is an app update. I searched some forums and found a possible fix, but I am waiting for an update to one of my apps to see if it worked. Unpin the live tile from your home screen and clear your IE history. Then reboot your phone (Power and volume down for 5-10 seconds), and then re pin the store live tile.
    01-16-2013 09:44 AM
  3. ImAdrian23's Avatar
    I tried it and it didn't work. Thanks though.
    Oh and there's another thing that bugs me.
    1. Bing Lockscreen is not always changing my photo and I have no idea why.
    2. Everytime I answer a phone I hear some dizzle or something for 1 sec, this didn't happen some weeks ago.
    01-16-2013 10:05 AM
  4. ttsoldier's Avatar
    Meh. It's a known problem with the store showing (in this case, NOT showing) updates.Hopefully Microsoft fixes it soon.
    ImAdrian23 likes this.
    01-16-2013 10:06 AM

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