1. cuzincurly's Avatar

    I was able to flash the Hong Kong portico tonight courtesy of a file saved from one of the Chinese windows phone 8 forums. I got most of the updates written on the change log like ability to save drafts, have wifi when the phone is on sleep mode. But some are missing like the hide pictures option in the internet explorer and more importantly, the send a text when answering a call feature.

    Here's the link to where I downloaded the file

    NOKIA 920 1232.5951.1249.1004 HK 059Q805.rar_

    Hope someone can help me :)
    01-16-2013 11:21 AM
  2. Dlanod's Avatar
    I got the official update and the pictures thing is missing from that too. I have the text reply to call feature though.
    01-17-2013 05:16 PM
  3. Ben Solomon's Avatar
    Any Chance they added a traditional Chinese Pinyin keyboard with Portico?
    01-30-2013 10:36 PM
  4. TaichiSurface's Avatar
    i guess they prefer Taiwan since there`s a phonetic keyboard for chinese input and it`s only used in Taiwan as far as I know. To think that China has a bijilion people they would develop one haha but wait is there pinyin for simplified chinese on WP8? if there is then it's only HK or other chinese region that uses tradition chinese that are missing out.
    03-12-2013 09:02 AM

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