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    I was utterly disappointed when I read this article saying Thailand already got the Lumia 620, when the Philippines hasn't got a single freakin' white market Lumia 920! Why are all the countries around us getting this phone? Why can't we get it as well?

    However, I've asked several NokiaPH stores and almost all of them said release would be either last week of January or first week of February. Now I somehow believe them because at least almost all of them now has the same response.

    If you're planning to buy (or have already bought) any WP8 Lumia in the grey market/online shops. You might be relieved to know that although they won't honor the Nokia warranty that came along with your phone from the country where it came from, they will definitely fix it. For a fee of 620 pesos that is (if it is a software issue), and will vary if it is a hardware issue. Take note that they will only FIX it and not replace it because it could only be replaced from whence it came from. Although I might suggest for those with software defects to just flash it on your own (if you know what you are doing and at your own risk) because sending your phone to a Nokia Care center would take up to 1 to 2 weeks to get fixed.
    01-16-2013 02:16 PM

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