1. sandman's Avatar
    The app launches, shows the song, artist artwork, but plays nothing. After a few seconds it switches to a different song.

    Anybody else having this issue in the US?
    gbbg likes this.
    01-18-2013 10:34 AM
  2. tissotti's Avatar
    No answer to your question, but if it's down, it's not down here in Sweden at least. Works fine.
    01-18-2013 11:11 AM
  3. sandman's Avatar
    It just started working for me.
    01-18-2013 11:50 AM
  4. Victorio Corral's Avatar
    I have the same problem. Looking into it.
    02-22-2013 10:18 PM
  5. gbbg's Avatar
    It just started working for me.
    Working again? No such luck for me. Been trying since noon. (US-CST).
    I started a thread just a little while earlier.
    02-22-2013 10:48 PM

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