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    Over the past month, I've have been missing voicemail notifications and delayed text messages. On a daily basis, I would get a flood of texts coming all at once. Luckily the time stamps are correct and the messages are from 1-4 hours delayed. Recently the same has occurred with voicemail in which the call was made the day before.

    Took the phone back to ATT and I'm smack in the middle of 3 towers (home), but I told them this occurs other places. Then said it might be IPhone mms, but my family has Apple , Android and Symbian, so that was ruled out. They replaced my SIM but the problem still exists.

    I noticed yesterday that when I turned on cell data, I got the flood of texts as before and 1 voicemal. I turn off cell data due to limited plan and wifi access I have everywhere. Is this a coincidence or do I have a problem with the radio in my phone?
    01-21-2013 08:58 AM

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