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    Hey all,
    Just thought I'd share some thoughts on the 920.

    Despite all the posts about complaints and problems this forum seems littered with..
    I've actually had a pleasant experience with the phone.

    I was a previous iPhone owner and decided to switch because I felt that the iOS platform has become stagnant.
    I had two options then-- WP or Android.
    Ironically enough, I felt that the Android OS would make a superb tablet computer (albeit it's humble beginnings in the phone industry) and that Microsoft had a pretty solid phone platform (despite being a predominantly pc-centric company).

    I decided to go with Windows phone (and perhaps an Android tablet later..hehe) and the experience has been quite satisfactory.
    The 920 itself is a quality phone.
    From hardware to software, to aesthetics and durability, the Lumia has got to be one of the best phones out in the market right now.
    The weight "issue" has never bothered me as badly as some people would make it seem.
    The OS itself is snappy, fast, fluid, and was quite easy to pick up.

    I haven't had the perfect experience though.
    I've had a couple freezes that was quickly remedied by a soft reset.
    No bricking issues, no constant restarts.

    The camera does leave a little to be desired, though having camera options to tinker with (as compared to iOS) is entertainingly fun to mess around with.
    The only real complaint I have would be the lack of a screen orientation lock.
    The "lack of apps" doesn't really bother me since I find most apps pretty useless anyway, and any extra information I need I could just pull up from the internet.

    Overall, as I've mentioned, I am a satisfied user.
    I'm excited to see where and how the WP platform will develop, but in all honesty, I'm not holding my breath.
    I appreciate the possibilty of improving and evolving the OS but it's not an integral part of why I use this phone.
    I see my phone as a communication device first and entertainment second.
    As long as I can call and text and have a pleasant experience doing so, I am satisfied. Everything else really is extra.

    Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! :)
    01-21-2013 11:41 AM