1. paddylaz's Avatar
    So, Ive had a bit of a disaster with the Lumia 920 - first one came with light leakage, second one came with light leakage and the vibration rattle from ****.

    Have returned both of them - and have had one last stab at this by ordering a third one from a different company (clove) who have just had brand new stock in. So just wanted to ask, are there really plenty of people out there who have no hardware issues? If this third comes and its no good would a fourth effort be worth it??

    The rattle is bad to the extent that it would be quieter to have the phone on the lowest tonal sound alert instead. Plus the haptic buttons cause a vibrate and rattle 'jolt' too 2/10 times the buttons are pressed.

    Have never spent this much effort on a phone but kind of fell in love with it. Im not an OCD geek but I'm not wealthy so for the money I want a fully satisfactory product.

    01-22-2013 06:15 AM
  2. alphonsohall's Avatar
    I was in a similar position as you, i was on my 2nd faulty 920 and decided that if the 3rd one was bad then i would go for another manufacturers phone.....the 3rd one was bad but tmobile seemed happy to send me a 4th which is now working as it should (at last!), i'm very pleased with it, no freeze ups, battery life is 2 days with light use.
    01-22-2013 07:05 AM
  3. Booston's Avatar
    My son has one and so does my sister-in-law and we have had no issues like the ones you mention above. Hopefully this third one will do the trick!
    01-22-2013 07:10 AM

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