1. AtticusK's Avatar
    So, forgive my naivety but as someone who prefers to keep hold of a phone for a good number of years (4/5) and not upgrade every so often, what would be the general view of what to do when this happens?

    - Will there be many a Microsoft store (like Apple?) where this could be replaced?
    - Will the battery deteriorate before this time anyway, will it still be decent enough to use? (My unibody MacBook has only depleted about 30% in 3 years of everyday use).
    - If this is a relatively important concern of mine, is better to opt for the Samsung Ativ S?

    Anything else? Please express your views!

    01-23-2013 11:33 AM
  2. Daryl G's Avatar
    I've had my Lumia 800 for over a year now, and so far there has been no noticeable change in the battery life.
    However - all batteries will eventually fade... so you'll be left with a choice... can I live with the more frequent charging? or am I willing to send it to Nokia for a battery replacement? or should I get a new phone now.
    in my opinion... wireless charging will help! I envisage that within the next year, I'll have a wireless charging plate in my car... and at home... and it'll be much easier to keep the battery topped up! :-)
    01-23-2013 11:43 AM
  3. realwarder's Avatar
    I think if you remove the 2 screws at the bottom you can replace it yourself pretty easily... despite it being 'non-replaceable'.

    There will certainly be enough websites showing you how by the time you need to.
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    01-23-2013 11:43 AM
  4. Curtieson's Avatar
    Starts at 3:30...just need to remove the two visible screws at the bottom..one more on the inside and disconnect the ribbon wire.

    easy peasy. Just like what I had to do with an iPod when it died on us.

    Nokia Lumia 920 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement - YouTube!
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    01-23-2013 12:58 PM

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