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    After reading numerous battery related threads with no fix answer, writing in most of them, discussing it, being trolled, I had given up on battery issues a few weeks back. Even Portico apparently didn't do any magic for quite a few.

    The sort of job I do, leaves me in a poor reception area and I thought it was my network provider. However, iPhones worked fine on same network (EE, UK). I spend about 12-15 hours a day outside, at work or travelling. I need my phone to live during that time. It didn't.

    I've tried uninstalling Nokia Drive beta, Skype beta, this and that - to a point where I don't even have weather app any more!

    However, interesting observation is this. Since about 14-15 days, I've upgraded to Portico and use my phone as a dumb phone. No data connection. No additional apps. No Nokia extra apps. Only basic SMS, calls. My battery has lasted me over 28-30 hours each time. I am a heavy texter. Text about 200-250 messages a day. So it's not like my phone hasn't been unlocked at all. It mostly gets unlocked - about 300 times a day?!

    Point being - Nokia's hardware or Nokia's battery aren't ****. Like many users have been getting a replacement from Nokia or their dealers and experiencing placebo effects maybe. To be honest this battery is amazing for a screen this big! What drains the battery is the OS. The way OS runs tasks in background and the fact that majority of apps for WP8 aren't really WP8-ready. They are poorly put together WP7.5 apps at best most of the times e.g. whatsapp. As soon as I let these apps take over using my data - my phones only lasts 9 hours on average.

    If anyone else out there is using their Lumia as a dumb phone and only uses apps/data/wifi when needed - how is your battery treating you? Do you have similar observations? I think it's about time we realise no replacement handset will solve this battery issue. Only Microsoft with a sturdy update can.
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    01-23-2013 02:50 PM
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    While I would like to think it is a Microsoft issue, I've become convinced it is the phone. I've already jumped through the hoops of removing apps and completely resetting the phone. The phone reset helped for about 1 week and then the random drains started happening again. No new apps. No photos or videos to upload to skydrive. Just a 25% per hour depletion on the battery. It is clear that the phone thinks it is doing something when the battery drains as it gets all warm and toasty. So, I get the OS suspicions/hung process.

    Head over the the HTC section of the forum and you don't really see many threads about crappy battery life. Look in the 920 section and you have no less than 3-4 threads on the first page each day about battery issues. On top of that, AT&T was more than willing to replace my phone even though I just wanted my current one fixed. They are hearing it from a lot of 920 owners is my belief. They know there is an issue.
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    01-23-2013 03:03 PM
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    There's enough battery threads and there's nothing unique about this one.

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    01-23-2013 03:05 PM

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