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    I have black Lumia 920, bought unlocked in Singapore last December. Right from the beginning I have experienced issues with the Nokia City Lens and Compass Apps. Both of them won't function when launched, NCL would get stuck on the message with instruction to calibrate my compass and for me to move the phone in a figure 8 few times, but nothing happened. It just stayed black with the horizontal figure 8. Same thing with the Compass app, the needle wont move(stayed due north)

    I also have Lumia 710 which works fine with both apps, NCL and compass, no problems.

    Tried many times to un-install and re-install both applications but without any success. I even tried the soft reset, no effect. I couldn't return the phone to the store for replacement as I already left.

    Then suddenly, I thought of taking it out of from the leather case I bought for the L920, I got the surprise of my life, both applications worked perfectly when launched. The reason, the leather case has magnet latch for closing the case which probably interferred with the instrument controlling both NCL and compass inside the phone. Incidentally, my L710 only has plastic shell casing, no metal or magnet attached.

    Aside from the glitch due to the magnet, I am very happy with my L920. No issues on constant rebooting, hanging, overheating(only minor heat when I play games), battery life is one day. I only use wire plug or USB for charging.

    Hope my experience could help others with this issue.
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    01-24-2013 08:42 PM
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    from everything i've been reading, most of the problems people experience, sensor-wise, are due to protective coverings. this phone is meant to be used naked! use it that way!
    (i'm getting a screen protector and skin though, but those are simply stickers)
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    01-24-2013 10:13 PM

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