1. dguilloryjr's Avatar
    so I use to have a app on my iOS that would block calls from certain numbers...

    also I use to be able to backup me txt msg's using a app on my workstation... is there a app I can use to back up my txt messages on my 920...
    01-27-2013 12:05 AM
  2. Paul May's Avatar
    You don't need an app for backing up text messages the os has it built in. Go to settings > backup. As far as I know there are no call block apps but you can block any number with your carrier.
    01-27-2013 12:09 AM
  3. dguilloryjr's Avatar
    I need to get the txt messages in a CSV, txt, are excel file... When I look in my Hotmail email I see messages folder. but I only see facebook and Skype messages in there NOT SMS messages
    01-27-2013 12:25 AM
  4. kevin2577's Avatar
    There is no way to back up your messages in a user accessible format like a csv. Windows phone can automatically back your messages up to the cloud for use in the event of a new phone or a reset, but are not user viewable outside of a full restore.

    And there are no call blocking apps on the store, the sandbox nature of the API access prevents this, but you can often block numbers through your wireless carrier from their web site or by contacting customer care.
    01-27-2013 12:32 AM

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