1. ephesians52's Avatar
    So I had a 900 from when they launched till I replaced it with the 920. The thing was a tank. It had taken concrete and hardwood floor drops without any issues. My 920 has been treated ever so carefully. I left it screen down on the night table and when I woke up there was huge gouges in the screen. I can't bring myself to cover it. Has anyone else had an issue?
    01-27-2013 08:42 AM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure, it's not that bad..
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    01-27-2013 09:17 AM
  3. o1legacygt's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure, it's not that bad..
    I agree. Would like to see a picture. There are so many people who come on here with three posts and make these claims. Then provide no substance of what happened. I dont doubt the screen can get scratched, but I really doubt its a "huge gouge".
    01-27-2013 09:40 AM
  4. ephesians52's Avatar
    Wow, quick to jump on me. Yes instead of saying "No problems with mine" or "Maybe there was grit on your night stand". I get "Your lying pictures or it didn't happen".

    My point was my Samsung Focus and 900 never got a scratch. My 920 has several noticeable scratches from being left face down. I wondered if anyone else has had any issues. Maybe it was bad luck or perhaps several people have this issue and corning had a bad batch. Either way its upsetting to look at such a beautiful phone everyday and see the scratches.
    01-27-2013 12:34 PM
  5. alphonsohall's Avatar
    There appear to be a few threads reporting that the screen is not quite as scratch resistant as first perceived. Whether it be a supposed 'coating' on the screen, or the screen itself that is scratched, it is disappointing to see so many reports.
    Just makes me even more careful of the handling of my phone.
    01-27-2013 12:51 PM

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