1. going west's Avatar
    New 920 owner here.

    I'm having a peculiar issue: If I'm playing a podcast through the phone's speakers, pause it, then plug in some headphones, resuming the audio will only produce sound through one headphone. Scrubbing back a second or two into the podcast resolves this issue, and I can't recreate the problem using music. Futzing with the headphones (pulling them out then putting them back in, etc) can also do this, and in some cases doing something like taking a screenshot, which makes a camera noise, can cause podcasts to stop playing in one channel or even skip.

    Is this an issue others have been having with their 920s, or should I send it back for another? The first thing I did when I got my phone was update to portico, by the way, so I can't say if this a new issue that comes with portico.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!
    01-27-2013 04:22 PM
  2. WingMan270's Avatar
    I know this isn't a real solution but what always fixes it for me is to go back into the podcast menu and hit play on the episode you are listening to. I also have the problem that if I am listening to a podcast sometimes i can't change the volume, I will adjust the volume and go back and hit play and it will go to the new volume.
    02-25-2013 07:12 PM
  3. HIllste1's Avatar
    I've had the same issue, but have had to restart my phone to get the sound back in both earphones. I was about to buy new earphones when I figured it out.
    02-25-2013 07:19 PM

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