1. flair77's Avatar

    At times there's so much junk received on whatsaspp which I would like to delete. Where is the folder that contains all attachments received on whatsapp?
    02-13-2013 11:40 PM
  2. LazySunday's Avatar
    In Photos>Albums> Saved Pictures....
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    02-13-2013 11:47 PM
  3. CrackFachry's Avatar
    What about the videos sent thru Whatsapp? I couldn't find it anywhere. Not in the Music/Video nor in the Photos
    02-14-2013 02:06 AM
  4. epsilon212's Avatar
    I can't find them either. Where could they be hiding?
    02-22-2013 05:35 PM
  5. Daniel Amareen's Avatar
    Hello, you can open whatsapp, choose the contact who's shared pics you'd like to see, and tap on Info, from the info window you can either swipe left or right and see the pics you both shared with each other...Save or Delete them
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    02-22-2013 05:48 PM
  6. Shruti Banerjee's Avatar
    Still cannot save the videos received from WhatsApp. Is there any solution to this problem?
    06-16-2013 05:38 PM
  7. AndreStudart's Avatar
    Still cannot save the videos received from WhatsApp. Is there any solution to this problem?
    I believe it's a bug from wpp, it seems to be a ''beta'' version, it sometimes lags when opening the app, they said it's very close to launch an update fixing many bugs, hope it fix this one as well
    06-16-2013 10:05 PM
  8. ravikiranpatil's Avatar
    Hey Daniel Amareen, Thanks for your help....it works ... :)
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    06-26-2013 08:01 AM
  9. terimakip's Avatar
    dear check ur phone memory specs i think ur phone memory is full
    08-22-2013 07:38 AM
  10. Sumit Monga's Avatar
    for some reason it only shows me option to delete not to save.
    09-15-2013 03:47 PM
  11. redChilly's Avatar
    Same here on my 820.. WA sucks big time
    09-19-2013 01:38 PM
  12. Alex Dean's Avatar
    It's a WP limitation where the OS doesn't allow third party apps to access the video API, so at this moment videos sent and received through Whatsapp cannot be saved to the device. I am hoping this is rectified in a later update though.
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    09-19-2013 01:41 PM
  13. houston911's Avatar
    I dont get save and delete, i only get forward and delete,, can you create a whatsapp account through a pc and forward it to that account
    11-18-2013 07:48 PM
  14. Syed-Ali's Avatar
    i am not able to share any music or video , using whats up which i have on memory card Or in phone memory.

    Any suggestion please
    11-19-2013 03:46 AM
  15. Sujith sajeev's Avatar
    some video formats not supported in windows phone, so some downloaded files can't see us after the downloading in whatsup
    Are you from India? Then Please follow my comments below. There is a complete solution for this

    1. change region as china and restart ur phone
    2. goto windows store and download Moly player (will detect all video formats)
    and can delete unwanted video files and all audio files

    after this change back region as India....
    04-23-2015 07:05 AM
  16. smartrabbit's Avatar
    All these photo's are stored at /storage/emulated/0/whatsapp/media/. You can check it by going to your gallery and look at some of your whatsapp photo's. Go to details and they're location will be revealed.
    06-05-2015 09:18 AM
  17. Tauqir Azam's Avatar
    All Photos are stored in memory card in image folder
    Go to files/external memory/images/watsapp
    10-30-2015 05:03 AM
  18. Eliyas Shehabi's Avatar
    On Samsung device (Android in general I guess)
    In folder Device/Whatsapp/Media - You will find folders for Audio, documents,images,photos,videos and notes

    For WhatsApp on Windows PC connected to your mobile device: click on the audio/video and it will start playing in a new window. While playing in this new window, you should get a download symbol (downward arrow standing on a short line) on the right upper corner. Click this symbol and it will ask you for a place to save the file.

    All the best.
    07-11-2016 08:19 AM

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