1. Muralidharan Nandagopan's Avatar
    When trying to play music in nokia music player- volume is too low even in 30/30. tried it with head phones but no use. But got it solved by switching it off/on again.Is this is an OS issue ? will it happen again or is there any way to fix it.
    02-17-2013 01:49 PM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    It's an OS issues, very less known and doesn't occur that often. It is in particular related to Xbox Music issue. When you play songs from Nokia Music it will be okay but if you played a song that was stored in Xbox Music but played in Nokia music you will see that occur. You won't be able to reproduce this at will, it is sporadic at best.
    02-17-2013 02:07 PM
  3. dbhitman's Avatar

    I thought I was the only one facing this issue.

    Looks Like I am not alone.

    I plan to post this on Nokia's website and Windows Phone 8 as well.

    Let's hope they fix it with a patch.

    02-18-2013 02:03 PM
  4. adamski777's Avatar
    another workaround instead of turning off/on, is to pause the track or podcast, go back, and select again and hit play - presto sound is then at correct level. its weird cos it doesnt happen all the time, and it can be really annoying having to fiddle around
    02-20-2013 12:57 PM
  5. beachhoppr's Avatar
    Or use something like Stop the Music then restart your music or podcast and the volume will work again
    02-20-2013 01:28 PM
  6. psreloaded's Avatar
    I am having a similar issue... If I play a song and try to change the volume, it doesn't do anything.. If I restart the song, it picks up the new volume.. Restart seems to fix it but recurs after a few days..
    09-10-2013 06:03 AM
  7. dinesh_altius's Avatar
    Think the problem is with audio leveling. I had problems with inbuilt music and video app. If audio leveling is on, the volume in which the previous song was playing, will set to the next song irrespective of whether you increase or decrease the volume. Try disabling the audio leveling in audio settings. I'm not sure if you are talking about this problem.
    09-10-2013 09:20 AM

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